Is 200 Words Too Short For An Article When Most Articles Suggest 500 to 700 Words?

Is 200 Words Too Short For An Article When Most Articles  Suggest 500 to 700 Words?


Yes, 200 words is far too short to be considered an article. 200 words is just an article snippet or summary. There is no way you could cover off any reasonable amount of information on a topic in only 200 words.


There are very, very rare circumstances where a 200 word article could be used as accompanying text to another piece of content, such as an image or video. But for the purposes of writing an article and the text of the article is the main feature of communication, 200 words is negligible.


As times change, the “rules” change too. 500 words should be considered an absolute minimum. Really, if you wanted to stay ahead of the game and in a good healthy position, the moment 800 words per article is around the place you want your article word count to be.


So when you post a 500 word article, and another website which is almost the same with your site posts a thousand words, which of the two will result more? Which of the two do you think is better than one another? You think it’s the 1000 article? You are right.


Article showcasing is an extremely prevalent strategy for those doing promotions, advertisements and affiliate marketing on the web. It’s an awesome approach to get more introduction, all the more back connections, and ideally, more deals, more money, more profit. I firmly believe that there isn’t a “right” length for all articles. To me, you compose what is expected to cover the point of the article. On the off chance that that takes 400 words, then that is the right length for that article. But technically, search engines are hungry for contents, meaning, more words and more contents means more success. They like contents, really.


On the off chance that it’s a more included subject, the “right” length may be 2000 words, or hell, even 3000 words or more. So you see my point, a lot of length can be right and can be wrong. It really depends. As a searcher, I know how “included” my inquiry is and about to what extent I ought to anticipate that the answer will be. As a supplier of data on the web, shouldn’t my first objective be to answer the question to the best of my best capacity, paying little mind to article length?


Because if you are just writing for the length, well, that is just wrong. You know what that is? That is cheating. It’s like you have already covered all the things you want to say to your audience but you are trying to go around in circles just to add more words to it. Worst part is that you are being redundant. If you do that, your audience will surely be annoyed. So just get to the point and be honest about it. Don’t mind the length too much.

Quality is more important than quantity.

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