Last Round Of Free Property Seminars: Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne

URGENT: The Last Round Of 2014 Property Seminars Is Happening Right Now! Hurry to get the last available FREE tickets to the last Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth Real Estate Education Seminars. Read here.

Currently the last round of the 2014 Stuart Zadel Property Entrepreneurs Conferences are running. This is the best Property Seminar available in Sydney – it’s the creme de la creme of Real Estate Seminars! And no, they do not sell property!

Excerpt from Zadel Property Education Website website.

  • Are you searching for low-risk strategies to boost your success in the property market?
  • Have you already tried investing but didn’t make as much money as you had hoped, or worse, lost money?
  • Are you drowning in debt having fallen into the negative-gearing trap?

I can personally tell you that I once answered ‘YES’ to all these questions – but I made an irrevocable decision to change my life. And I’m fairly certain that if you’re feeling familiar with any of them, you’ll want to change your life too.

If you do, then my Final National Tour for 2014 may be just what you need… Because I believe it’s possible to have more money than you’ll ever need, live more life than you ever dreamed of, and do more good than you ever felt you could. Period.


The following seminars around Australia are still available to attend:

1. The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference – ADELAIDE (25-25 Oct) (Update: check the site for 2015 dates)

2. The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference – BRISBANE (1-2 Nov) (Update: check the site for 2015 dates)

3. The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference – PERTH (8-9 Nov)

4. The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference – MELBOURNE (15-16 Nov)

5. The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference – SYDNEY (22-23 Nov)

These free tickets to the property seminars that teach wealth building through real estate are on a first come first serve basis. You must access the websites to view if there are any free tickets left (there were still free seats available at the time of this writing)

If you are considering attending it’s imperative you book your seats because if you don’t you may be disappointed, because each venue has strict limitations so once the seats are full, they’re full!

Get Your Hands On A Free Property Book While Stocks Last

After you have claimed your free tickets to the Property Seminar I strongly suggest you head on over to Stuart Zadels website and claim your free copy of his brand new book ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast’. Click here to go there now and get the $27.95 book for completely free.

No matter how many real estate seminars you have attended before, getting this book and learning the brand new and effective property strategies contained in it will rocket you to success with property. If you order the book today chances are that you will receive it before you attend the Stuart Zadel Property Seminar which means you will be off to an awesome head start by the time you arrive.



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