2014 AsRES Conference All About Australian Real Estate Market

Want to know where to get the latest updates in real estate markets in Australia?

It is the 2014 AsRES Conference, which will be held in Gold Coast, Australia. What to look for in this upcoming conference?

The conference offers a forum for academics, policymakers and practitioners discuss the trend in the real estate market, housing, planning, real estate finance, property development and a lot more relating to the property industry.

However, slots are limited in the upcoming event so might as well take advantage of the Early Bird registration which is now open for participants. This is your opportunity to avail this early registration and secure your seats.

Get this chance now because the special registration offer will only be until April 25, 2014.

When you avail this early registration, you can have the these following:

  • Attendance at all academic sessions
  • Welcome reception on July 13
  • Gala Dinner on July 14
  • Lunch on July 14 and July 15
  • Tea breaks
  • Conference bag
  • Program
  • Full papers
  • Conference excursion on July 16
  • Annual AsRES Membership Fee

Who Are The AsRES?

The Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) was develop to produce and disseminate real estate information and knowledge on Asia. It has grown rapidly over the years and in just short period they hold different conference throughout Honk Kong, Taipei, Hawaii, Tokyo, Syney and Singapore. The 2014 conference will be happening in the Gold Coast, Australia.

Their annual conference makes an important contribution to the real estate market with papers published on different property topics. The 2014 conference will surely attract more participants throughout the region that contains the current AsRES membership. There are expected 200 delegates for the upcoming event and this is expected to be one of the largest academic property conference in 2014.

The AsRES is a member of the International Real Estate Society (IRES) which is a federation of regional real estate societies that encourage communication, cooperation and coordination on real estate research and eduction worldwide. The conference is also promoted via IRES.

Conference Registration and Details

If you intend to attend the AsRES-2014, please register and pay on time. Payment can be made via credit card using the secure payment facility available in the conference which is operated by TryBooking. One can also opt for direct funds transfer or international bank.

For any inquiries you can email info@AsRES.net for details regarding the payment. You may also look for Clive Warren at +61 (0) 403 939 162.

Don’t forget this annual event only happening at the Outrigger Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia, which will be held from 14 to 16 July 2014 hosted by the University of Queensland’s, Business School.

Do not let the opportunity to miss another annual event from AsRES. Others have already discover the amazing results on their property investment and its about time that you learn all the stuff from them.

However, the seats and reservations are limited. Book early now and reserve your own slots.

For bookings and inquiries might as well click this link and have a ticket to your successful property investment


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