A UCHK Consulting Free Seminar Event

Another member event for those who are interested in Australian property investment. This is even ideal for those who wants to buy a property in Australia or just want to retire with their own property investment.

This Australia Property Seminar has brought you by UCHK Consulting. This is another property event in Australia that is a must see for those interested investors, retirees and any one who is into property market.

The UCHK Consulting Ltd is the market leader when it comes to providing quality advice and consultation tobuyers, especially the ones who are looking for real estate in Australia.

They are experts in all aspects of international property investment, migration and student assistance. They have connections with their international group of companies that offer a wide range of property services both for investors and homeowners.

The event is happening in China World Hotel and this is free for all AustCham Members. You may contact Scott Talbot for more information on the next Property Seminar by the UCHK Consulting.

What you can expect from the said seminar?

The seminars from UCHK are very informative and FREE for all AustCham members. They offer valuable information that could help the property investors in making the correct decisions.

If you attend this free seminar, you will learn all the following:

  1.  Property Wealth Creation strategies
  2. UCHK approval real estate investments
  3. Free Immigration and VISA services
  4. Student Education services
  5. 10 years rental insurance
  6. UCHK Cash subsidy up to $3,000

The UCHK Group

The UCHK are the experts when it comes to international property investment, migration and student assistance with the collaboration of the international group of companies. They provide a range of property services for overseas investors and homeowners. They aim to deliver wealth creation to their clients even if they just want to buy a property or simply want to retire. They give the best advice and consultation when it comes to the property market.

They also publish a free overseas property magazine that contains some important informationregarding the Australian investment, education and immigration news. Their specialties include the real estate investment, opportunities through investment properties, property management, rental insurance,visa and immigration services.

Make your decision to attend this event because this could be one of the most important decision you makein your life and your family in the future.

Seats are limited, so make an early reservation now. Contact Scott at info@uchkconsulting.com.

But if you intent to attend this seminar know  more details in this free seminar and for your seat reservations just go and click this link.

But if in case you cannot afford to pay for the seminar, and you are not fortunate enough to book for the free seat, why not start reading a book for FREE? This will coach you so many things about investing and how to get rich too.

The book already helped a lot of property investors and this time it could be you. Take time to read and know more about investing. Get a copy now.


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