Do I have to only address one topic per article?

Do I have to only address one topic per article?


You don’t have to do anything, you are free to do what you want. I highly recommend that if you are writing any article under 1000 words you only target one very specific topic. There simply isn’t enough space to convey enough information.


There is nothing more annoying than a very thin and sparse article that’s all over the place talking about this and that. I mean sure, we all go a little off topic sometimes but there is a line.


Also, for the purposes of SEO, it’s much more effective to keep one article one topic which is one primary keyword. Then it’s clear to Google what that article is about and it knows to rank you for that, if you know what I mean.


So if you are writing an article right now, you can right just about anything as long as it’s about your topic, title and with connection to your target audience.


You may concoct some garbage thoughts as you race to record them, however at any rate you’ll think of thoughts, any thoughts at all because you are brainstorming when you need to write something. Those thoughts can be rubbed and sweet talked into a wonderful title or subject for a triumphant article. Try not to let the ideal be the foe of the great. You need to stick to that one good title that you thougt about and start again by writing a good introduction.


When you really start to sort words, you start to think of more thoughts and to think in clearer ways. There are three noteworthy segments I’ve illustrated and discussed in a free video I have made which you can access in this link, in which you will be provoked to consider thoughts well as to record those thoughts. Your brainstorming activity will be totally useless unless you really record things. In the event that you need to complete that article in 20 minutes, attempt to hold it under 500 words. Try not to feel like you’re holding back on quality substance, either: this article is just around 500 words however it’s stuffed with data. Make the most of each word and you’ll spare time without neglecting quality.


Learning More About Writing Articles


Learning about writing articles or creating a website can be really easy or difficult depending on your ways. If you have  great guide and lessons to study about, if you have great resources from great and effective people, you might save lots and lots of time in learning and learn well about any topic you like to know. But if you are blindly searching for resources in the net, or vaguely believing almost anyone that they can instantly teach you things, well, you could be in on a hard pathway on learning just about anything. You might learn, but you might learn the wrong things.


So better be mindful on how and from whom to learn. I happen to be a good internet and affiliate marketer for many years now, created a financial freedom for myself just by creating and maintaining my online businesses. And, I happen to have a resource that I have made, and it’s about creating your own website, creating good contents and many, many more. You can access this great content by click this link. This video is completely free of charge, believe it or not. Why is it free of charge? I like to pay it forward, I have been living the financial free life for many years and I want to share it to you in good faith because that’s what successful people do. So simply click this link to access your free video and learn more about being successful in this field.

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