Allan English: Can He Create Wealth For You, While Giving Away His Own?

Allan English seems like an unlikely candidate to turn to when looking for speakers that can help you create wealth. That’s because he spends a lot of his time giving his wealth away. So how can someone that has a habit of parting with money inspire anyone to create more of it? Could you even benefit from attending one of his speaking events?

Does Philanthropy Create Wealth?

Skeptics that watch Allan English give away his fortune to philanthropic causes may think that is not the way for individuals to create wealth. And those that think that way may even have a point. However, one needs to know that:

  • Allan English, the Brisbane-based founder of the ASX listed silver miner Silver Chef, also knows a lot about making a fortune too!
  • As an entrepreneur, businessman and investor, English knows what it takes to succeed in accumulating commercial and personal fortunes
  • Not all of that wealth is “given away” – a significant portion of it is still invested and generates healthy returns for English and his family

And while he openly speaks to individuals and groups about his money-making days, English also encourages the more affluent to give back to the less fortunate.

The Perfect Recipe

One of the ingredients of the perfect recipe for creating wealth is planning how to spend it. People (and company executives) attending an Allan English speaking event will learn the meaning of using their wealth for charitable causes. As a matter of fact, the thought that you may have so much that you can give away part of it could serve as a powerful motivator for creating wealth.

The philanthropic causes that English champions are extremely noteworthy indeed. In his own words, his charitable causes like the focus on helping marginalized communities in South Eastern Queensland, or lifting one million people out of poverty in India by 2020 gave impetus to his work, which then helped fund these projects.

Future millionaires can therefore look to English as having provided them the perfect recipe for wealth creation: Get motivated to help others through your wealth, and you’ll find unbelievable opportunities for creating more of your own!

Create Wealth First

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