Is Allan Pease A Speaker Worth Listening To? Read On To Learn The Truth!

Reading body language has been likened to reading smoke signals, so when Allan Pease speaks on the subject, many question whether he is worth listening to. Skeptics of Pease point to the fact that if someone has something of substance to convey, it is the content that matters and not body language. The question remains: Is there merit in this claim?

The Truth About Body Language

When an organization request Allan Pease to speak at one of their corporate events, what are they really hoping to achieve? Do they really think that listening to body signals at the behest of someone will turn their fortunes around? Or are they hoping that a few hours of “pep talk” will motivate employees to give it their all for the company?

The truth is that body language is like blinking – people speak volumes through it without being conscious of it. And it is through such subtle signals – unnoticed by most – that a trained professional can glean a wealth of information. Large companies in a tough global market place are looking for any bit of competitive advantage they can get:

  • With Allan Pease they get “Mr. Body Language” – someone with 4 decades as an expert on the subject
  • Staff and executives listening to Allan are treated to an event of fun, engagement and lightheartedness, yet go back to the office fully invigorated and recharged
  • Most importantly, because of the way Allan conducts these sessions, participants actually get to practice the basics of body language while they are at the event

For those that may have missed attending an event, video recordings of some Allan Pease events are available as a permanent reference resource on how to profit from reading body language. Believers in body signalling can learn a lot from those videos.

The Signs Of Success

Being able to read the signs that our bodies give out is more of an art than a science. And with Allan Pease as speaker at inspirational and motivational events, attendees realize how valuable this skill is. Tips on the appropriate handshake at business meetings, making nervous employees feel at ease, or even closing an important commercial deal with a reluctant customer are worth their value in gold! Attendees that practice his techniques are more likely to succeed in whatever their endeavours are than those that don’t.

Success definitely hinges on attending an event in person. But if you want just a sliver of the taste of success, some Allan Pease videos are freely available on public sites like YouTube.   

Making Your Fortune!

As a motivational expert Allan Pease can do more for your self confidence than any other method you might use. The Definitive Book of Body Language is one of Allan’s master pieces that can transform an individual’s life unimaginably. You may also use that new-found confidence to build your fortune by ordering your FREE hard-copy of Stuart Zadel’s Think and Grow Rich.

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