Can I Alternate My Topics Of Interest?

Can I Alternate My Topics Of Interest?


You can do whatever you want, you are a free adult human being. If you become interested in new things or disinterested in things you used to be interested in, that’s totally fine. In fact, it’s just a normal healthy phenomenon. There are plenty of things I used to LOVE but now they no longer interest me.


And now you are wondering if you can change your topic of interest just maybe because you have grown tired of your topic. Well, yes, you can, but of course it might confuse the search engines as well as your audience by doing so. One day they were in love with your topic then suddenly you jumped out of that topic and moved to another one, completely different topic. That would be a huge change, right?

But then, you can’t avoid the inevitable, maybe you are wondering if you could change your topic of interest because you are not getting much activity. You’re not getting numerous comments that you obviously need. Comments are in absolute minimum, you ought to get remarks from 1 in 100 guests. Along these lines, in case you’re pulling 2000 exceptional guests for each month, you ought to get around 20 comments amid that month. More is better so as they say, however in the event that you’re not even in the littlest territory, you may need to take a gander at your theme. Odds are, it’s not captivating individuals anymore. You’re not profiting. Not that you haven’t attempted, obviously. You’ve done all the things famous bloggers say to do, such as distributed awesome substance, content, and commenting on other well known online websites and getting records on Twitter and Facebook, however regardless of how hard you function, regardless of what number of distinctive procedures you attempt, none of it is working.

But as I have said, you are a free human being and you can always do what you want to do. To meet halfway or to be safe, you can change your topic but you can leave a trace of the old topic. To put it simply, you can change your topic but try to keep it connected to your old one so you would not confuse anybody at all.

Tips On Changing Topics Of Interest


Let’s say if you are in a health topic and you want to change to cars or automobiles at some point, that would be a really difficult thing to do BUT if you have the passion to write and the brains to use, you can easily do it with ease.

For example, you can write about the dangers of using a car when drunk, or you can try talking about the perils in staying and sleeping inside a closed-window cars because of the carbon monoxide  etc, etc, and you can elaborate on the car itself, boom, you have transferred to cars topic but still connected it to health. You see the subtlety in that?

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