An Overview of DG Institute

DG Institute is an Australian wealth and property education company. Their aim is to teach the ordinary Australian citizenry how to grow and safeguard their wealth. DG Institute also makes available legal services comprising of asset protection and succession planning. Additionally, they also help out their clients with their finances and accounting to ensure that they make the most of what they have.

Dominique Grubisa

Dominique Grubisa is the founder and CEO of the DG Institute. She is a legal practitioner with over 22 years of legal and commercial experience to boot. Grubisa is a woman of many talents. She is a property investor, a public speaker, a published author, a property investor, a successful entrepreneur, an educator and developer.

Once, a humble start-up, DG Institute now rakes in tens of millions of dollars in profit both in Australia and outside. Dominique’s mission is to make the legal system a fairer and more accessible place. She shares her knowledge and expertise of wealth creation and business/property management with the common public via DG Institute, coaching, advising and educating them on the same.

Programs Offered

DG Institute offers four major programs-

  • Master Wealth Control
  • Real Estate Rescue
  • Property Uplift Program
  • Elite Mentoring Program

Master Wealth Control enables access to 5 primary benefits along with three added bonuses. Let’s discuss these benefits in brief below –

a. Dominique Grubisa Vestey Trust SystemDominique Grubisa solicitors draw up legal documents like an equitable mortgage, a promissory trust, an acknowledgment and declaration, caveats, notice of assignment and deed of trust on your behalf. These function to help you protect your wealth.

b. A Testamentary Will – Dominique and her legal team help you come up with a will that takes your legacy protection up a notch. It protects your wealth even in the hand of beneficiaries despite upheavals in life such as remarriage, divorce or bankruptcy.

c. The DG Legal Team on Call – No matter your financial situation, Dominique’s legal team will always be right there to provide you with free amendments, updates, protection advice and legal support.

d. Customized Asset Protection Plan – You will have access to personalized legal advice in accordance with your current situation of wealth and future goals.

e. Entry to Dominique’s Members-Only Portal and Monthly Live Webinars – Dominique’s Portal is a resource for information on asset protection, evolving economic, global, financial and legal issues. Plus, live monthly webinars.

The three bonus privileges are – Enduring Power of Attorney – Financial, Health and Lifestyle and a VIP Access Membership Card with its own host of benefits.

Real Estate Rescue Program offers eight overarching benefits as listed below –

a. Accelerator Home Study Course is a comprehensive study kit which includes templates and manuals, forms and precedents, event recordings and round-the-clock online training.

b. 3-Day Workshop – As part of this workshop, Dominique presents you with exceptional content and access to her team of real estate rescue experts for three whole days. It is a one of its kind live-learning, interactive, networking event. 

c. Monthly Online Sessions – Facebook Live sessions with Dominique and other DG Institute graduates on a monthly basis.

d. A DIY Legal Kit – It will include all the legal documents you can need like short sales, takeovers, pre-foreclosure and options deals Australia-wide.

e. 6-month Subscription to RP-Data Platform – It will provide access to DG Institute’s custom-built professional platform for sourcing properties and due diligence.

f. E-mail support for your real-estate rescue deals.

g. Lifetime access to Members Only Forum where you may network, find profitable deals and so on.

h. Funding for development – You may find exclusive funding for your development deals from our graduate community.

Property Uplift Program is even more expansive with 15 client benefits such as –

a. 3-Day Property Uplift Program Immersion Uplift Program

b. Property Development Manual

c. Event Recording

d. RP Data Subscription by CoreLogic

e. BlockBrief Subscription by CoreLogic – BlockBrief is an online tool which recognizes development market opportunities in Australia.

f. Cordell Connect by CoreLogic lets you network with other developers vying for development in your chosen area.

g. Cordell Estimator by CoreLogic estimates building costs accurately.

h. ArchiCAD is an architectural design tool that lets you visualize your development in 3D.

i. Quarterly Market Analysis Report for 5 Postcodes of Your Choice by CoreLogic

j. Feastudy is a developer software primary used for due diligence.

k. Legal/Technical Support

l. Monthly Property Connect Online Sessions with Dominique

m. Access to Members Only Hub

n. Exclusive Funding

Elite Mentoring Program is the most exclusive of the lot with the following benefits –

a. Personal Coaching and Mentoring

b. Off-market and On-market Leads List

c. Accountability Calls every month for a year

d. Live Catch Ups every day for 90 days

e. Monthly Online Masterclasses with Dominique

f. High-level networking

g. Prioritized Access to Funding Members h. RP Data Subscription by CoreLogic

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