Andrew Forrest – Is He Harbouring Insider Traders?

When Andrew Forrest employed convicted insider trader John Hartman recently, many avid watchers of the rich-and famous investor, mining company owner and philanthropist were taken aback. How would someone like Forrest explain his decision on the talk circuits where he frequently speaks?

In Hartman’s defence, he did turn state witness and testified against his partner in crime. But does that justify Forrest’s hiring him?

Can Forrest Be Trusted?

In short: Yes! And supporters of his decision to hire Mr. Hartman point to it as being yet another strong indication of character. They point to the Andrew Forrest biography:

  • Andrew Forrest has been awarded the Australian Centenary Medal
  • He is the proud holder of the Australia Sports Medal
  • He has been honored with the prestigious title of Australian Social Entrepreneur of the Year
  • He also has been nominated West Australia Citizen of the Year for his contribution to regional development
  • And he has also been bestowed The Mining Journal’s Mining Lifetime Achievement Award

And through it all, Andrew Forrest has continued to provide unwavering direction to his Fortescue Metals Group as founder and Chairman, and the Australian Children’s Trust, besides a host of other companies and charities. He is also a family oriented person who believes in supporting community causes that impact the lives of ordinary citizens, including Australians.

Is Hiring Felons A Mistake?

Who better to aid Andrew Forrest in charting the murky waters of the financial world, than someone that knows all the loopholes that could be exploited by unscrupulous money managers?

The act of hiring someone with a clouded past is therefore perfectly in keeping with Mr. Forrest’s generosity and strength of character. It can be seen as a gesture of giving a convicted white-collar criminal a chance to rehabilitate himself by helping others build and manage their wealth.

Building Wealth Before Giving It Away

Billionaire turned philanthropist, Andrew Forrest has built a vast fortune during his lifetime.  And he has pledged to give away most of his wealth during his lifetime. His recent $65M donation to the University of Western Australia therefore came as no surprise. But how do ordinary Australians first start accumulating such wealth before thinking of giving it away?

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