Andrew MacLeod – Can He Be Trusted By Aid Givers? Learn The Truth And Earn FREE Rewards!

Andrew MacLeod is the CEO of a private corporation that spends nearly $1.5B in aid so underdeveloped countries can be pulled out of poverty. When MacLeod speaks to his audiences, he advocates that the government to government aid funding model isn’t working, and it’s time to bring in private companies into national aid distribution.

So: What motivates Andrew MacLeod to advance the theory of private involvement with billions of dollars in foreign aid? Does it have anything to do with his own admission that his company targets just a 1% pre-tax profit on every dollar of aid they distribute? Skeptics who attend a MacLeod speaking event may believe that’s the real motive. But is it?

Finding The Real Motivation

To really understand whether a paradigm shift in the model for foreign aid distribution is warranted, one must be qualified to offer an alternate model in its place. As someone who has been heavily involved for many years in areas of the world stricken by disasters – both man-made and natural:

  • Andrew McLeod knows first-hand what motivates the current nation-to-nation aid giving model
  • He also has an intimate grasp of what motivates the nations receiving the aid to use it wisely (or in many cases unwisely!)
  • His experience with the Red Cross, the U.N. Emergency Coordination Center and many other International aid distribution agencies has given him a perspective of aid-giving and aid-receiving like no one has here to experienced

This Melbourne born and raised champion of Corporate Social Responsibility is the winner of the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, he has a Masters degree in International Law and is a Maritime Law expert.  His education, work experience and background have left him convinced that the current model is broken. It needs to be fixed. And that’s his motivation to propose the alternate public-private model.

The Truth In Numbers

Detractors of the Andrew McLeod proposal need to study the facts in terms of cold hard numbers to realize whether wealth creation and poverty alleviation is working today. The UNDP spends $1.5B annually on poverty relief, yet the results are nowhere to be seen. Why? Because a lot of that money hardly ever reaches the intended recipients!

In contrast, private companies like BHP Billiton spend roughly $200M on similar endeavors. But because they run it with a different set of priorities, the results are tangible. There is accountability to Board members as well as transparency for shareholders. And that’s what Dr. Andrew McLeod believes ultimately yields results!

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