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Do you want the best advice on Asset Protection in Australia? Please read this honest review revealing key information you can use to protect yourself properly.

Asset protection is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, Australia is a country where litigation is running rampant. The clichéd prevalence of litigation in America is actually happening here in Australia too.

  1. The #1 state for litigation in the world is California, America. #2 is Texas. (see references)
  2. The #3 state for litigation in the world is New South Whales, Australia. (see references)

And I’ll throw in my conjecture that our other states aren’t far down on the list.

If you have ever doubted if you could get sued or not, you’re most likely not reading this. As you read this, of course you realise what’s at stake here – which is why you are researching about asset protection, and I commend you for that. With the confusing red tape, the fact that the law often sides with the victim and the hardcore lawyers that are keen to rip you to shreds you better believe that if

You can be sued if anyone hurts themselves on your property – even if it is a burgular breaking into your house. The lawsuit costs along can wipe you out, not to mention the payments you’ll have to make to them if you lose. Litigation is hairy stuff, which is why asset protection is so important.

But you probably know this and are keenly aware of it. So what can you do? Well here is where I actually want to share with you some honest advice, and if you read this whole page I’m sure you’ll realise just how down-to-earth and solid it is.

The first thing you need to learn is that asset protection is hard. It’s a lot of law stuff that quickly goes over the head of most. Unless you are a seasoned lawyer – and then it will take you some – you have no chance. Asset protection in Australia is complex and takes a lot to learn.

Unfortunately, trusting people with doing your asset protection for you is somewhat dangerous if you don’t know anything about it because if they do it wrong, you are totally screwed. You’ll find out you aren’t protected at the very worst possible time; the exact time you need your asset protection to work.

Asset protection is a bit like insurance; you set it up, you pay for it, and then you never really hear of it again. Until you need it.

Now do you want to be the guy that calls up about his house being flooded and find out that oh, your insurance policy doesn’t cover that? Ie, someone files a lawsuit against you and you realise that you thought you had protected your company and your property, but in fact they are wide open for the taking.

No, nobody does, which is why it is vitally important to read the information below:

Asset Protection: You Can’t Completely Outsource It


You can’t go to an asset protection expert and simply have them ‘do it all’. It just can’t work. The reasons are many, and I’ll describ the most important here:

  • Asset protection has a very low margin of safety. What this means is that you cannot afford to have an error.

Unlike outsourcing cleaning your house to a cleaner for $50, where if they do a bad job well you’ve got a dirty kitchen and you lost $50, asset protection is extremely volatile. For starters, it costs a shipload to setup and do and then secondly, if it’s done wrong you are looking at losing all your business, property and everything you’ve ever worked for in your life.

You can’t get it wrong. It must be perfect. This is why you must do it in a right way.

  • Nobody can just do asset protection for you. But you can’t do asset protection because it’s too complex. The only solution is an approach were you are totally involved and so is the asset protection expert.

You actually need to be very educated about asset protection yourself – at least you need to know the most important terms, what’s going on in the environment/market and the basic pitfalls of doing asset protection certain ways. You need to have a basic level of understanding where you can effectively communicate with the asset protection expert.

My advice to get started on this is to immediately go to this link to Stuart Zadel’s website and get a free copy of the book ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast’. Once it arrives at your house in a few days or a week, skip straight to Chapter 6 Page 241 and read the whole chapter on Asset Protection. This is a juicy nugget of information that will summarise most of what you need to know and kick start you along the right path. If you are serious about protecting yourself, your asset and most importantly your family you’ll click here and take a minute to order the completely free book now.

The next thing to do is to find the true-blue Australia expert on Asset Protection.

One Of The Best Asset Protection Lawyers In The Country


From my in-depth research, I believe the best and the brightest asset protection lawyer in Australia is Dominique Grubisa.

Dominique Grubisa is a master of Asset Protection. Practicing law for 20 years and later specialising in Debt to become a renowned Australian debt & legal specialist, she was in a prime position to perfectly master the asset protection game. After experiencing some litigation against herself and realising she wasn’t protected Dominique did something about it.

But Dominique is expensive to consult, which is why I recommend the following strategy.

I recommend you go to a Stuart Zadel Property Entrepreneurs Conference. Forget the fact that you will learn a bunch of property strategies you can use to make some serious cash, or that you’ll get a whole heap of free books, cd’s and reports. Click here to open his website to read more about it and claim your free tickets.

The reason you want to go is because you’ll get the opportunity to see Dominique Grubisa as she shares insights into how you can protect your wealth and assets and reduce the risk on any venture. She is speaking at Stuart Zadels Property Entrepreneurs Conference in 2014.

This is a prime way of accessing the leading asset protection specialist for absolutely free. Not only will you learn all about Dominique Grubisa’s asset protection methods, after she finishes her training you’ll be able to personally talk to her.

This is where you ask her questions and get her to provide advice on your personal situation. You can only do this if you are signed up for the conference, so click here to do that now.

This is a truly effective and creative strategy for making leaps and bounds in your personal asset protection journey. After you have read the book, received training and spoken to an asset protection expert – all for free might I add – you’ll be in a very educated position to make the correct decisions about moving forward with your asset protection.

It really pays to get your background information first and there are some awesome free ways you can do this if you simply utilise what’s available to you. Avoid paying personal consultation fees and get the information yourself and for free. You need to be educated in these areas to be able to properly protect yourself anyway, so may as well get cracking and do it the smart way!

Click here to go to the Stuart Zadel website where you can get free tickets to his Property Entrepreneurs Conference and get training from asset protection expert Dominique Grubisa.



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