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Another property related events, seminars and functions you need to watch out each year from the Australian Property Institute.

Have you ever attended any of their events? Well then, if not yet, it’s about time you get to know them up close. Learn everything that you need to know when it comes to property market industry in Australia. Get the information direct from the property experts and professionals in Australia that have deeper knowledge and experience on Australia market.

Who is the API?

Who is the API? They represent almost 8,600 property professionals in Australia as well in other countries. Members include commercial, residential, property advisers, property analysts, academics and a lot more. Their main role is to maintain the highest standards in property profession. They are committed to building a strong base for the future of property profession while broadening their expertise and knowledge.

They are able to produce one of the leading property publications in Australia such as the Australian and New Zealand Property Journal, Australia and New Zealand Property Valuations and Manual and Valuation Principles and Practice. They also develop a software package such the Property Pro that offers a templatefor residential mortgage valuation work which is used in leading financial institutions in Australia. They are committed in building and maintaining a strong base for the future of the property profession through their broad expertise and knowledge. The institute is highly regarded and respected in Australia and in some states of the government regulations.

Who are the API Members?

The API is the preferred Property Professional Membership association in Australia. With its 8,600 members that covers all property industries in Australia, the members have been providing different services associated with valuation, finance, property law, property development, land economics, education, construction, assets and funds management and a lot more related to the property market. The API members are across in all property industries in Australi such as banking and finance, retail, public companies, property law, surveyors,Valuers. Rural, facilities management, trust and property markets.

Join their upcoming conferences that usually feature an exciting and informative program all designed for the property industry. Their Conference Steering Committee makes sure that they bring an incredible line up of speakers that address different topics relating to the property industry. They have several conferences that are scheduled soon. Get updates from them and learn what it takes to become successful in the property industry.

Please contact the office on 9381 7288 or email for any updates on their upcoming events.

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