Bert Koth: Is It Worth Attending His Talks – At The Prices Being Charged?

As a director at a private equity firm, Bert Koth knows a lot about originating, analyzing, structuring and executing investment deals in the mining and resources sector.  But given the current state of world economies, especially the mining and metals sector, is it really worth attending one of his talk sessions? For the price that is charged for conferences and workshops with Koth as a keynote speaker or a panelist, will attendees receive value for money?

Let’s find out more about Bert Koth!

Can Koth Really Bring Value To The Table?

There’s no denying the fact that many metal and mining companies are facing hard times today. Some of them are doing so poorly, and are considered so risky, that they can’t even afford to raise financing for continued operations. So what would a private equity guru do to help them?

Well, the truth is that it is in precisely hard times like these that struggling companies need help and advice. And who better to offer it:

  • Bert Koth has over 16 years of investment financing in the mining and metals business
  • He has worked on the mining corporate finance teams of Deutsche Bank and ING Barings
  • He has a graduate degree and a PhD in Business Administration
  • He is a board member of several mining ventures in Australia, Africa and South America
  • And he speaks 5 languages – English, French, German, Russian and Spanish!

With credentials like that, miners and prospecting company executives and venture capitalists are bound to listen carefully when Koth speaks.

Gaining From Others Experiences

Whether it is venture financing or personal wealth building, it is always advisable to listen to and gain from the experiences of others that have been there, done that! And attendees at a Bert Koth event will certainly benefit from the wealth of experience he possesses in all things related to private equity and deal structuring.

Prospective entrepreneurial mining ventures are seeking advice that will ensure that their undertakings are successful. And attending one of Koth’s talks, and listening to his advice on how to go about financing a resource exploration or mining project may ultimately mean the difference between winning or losing.

And given that experts are speculating a slowing trend in investment in Australian mining ventures, the advice and experience of an expert like Koth is even more relevant today.

Building Your Personal Fortune

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