The Best Wealth Creation Books Of All Time Revealed

Are you interested in finding out the tried and true best wealth creation books ever? On this page you’ll discover them and you can actually download them for free.

There are thousands and thousands of wealth creation books and most of them aren’t worth the paper their printed on. Wealth creation has become such an interesting topic for so many people that many writers, businessmen… really anyone is writing books on wealth creation.

Most of these wealth creation books are usually sold by using eye-catching titles and swish sounding summaries on the back (most of the time not even written by the writer). In fact, a large proportion of these are ghost written too, which means the ‘writer’ has paid someone else to write the book for them.

Because of the lucrative opportunities in the wealth creation industry every man and his dog is writing a wealth creation book – and nowadays with the advent of the internet, ebooks and self-published books via Amazon the chances of this slowing down are slim to none.

How To Find The Best Wealth Creation Books

So to filter out the cannon fodder and get down to the really worthwhile wealth creation books you need to be a bit savvy. Well really, an ounce of common sense helps.

  1. Look at how long the book has been in print. If it’s under a few years chances are it is new and may not be the best.

Sure the saying goes that times are changing and you need cutting edge updated information to stay on top of the game – but that’s a load of rubbish.

When it comes to strategy – ie the laws of buying property, or the newest Australian tax code to get more deductions – yes newest information is best.

But when it comes to principles – the time tested principles of wealth creation – the older the information the better. The truly wealthy have been creating wealth for hundreds and hundreds of years, the fundamental techniques haven’t changed.

    2 – Reviews reviews reviews. And not just a couple of reviews plastered on Amazon (usually payed for by the way) but real reviews.

Always look for total legitimate proof that what the book teaches works. With the very best wealth creation books you’ll generally hear the raving reviews even before you have to ask the title

If you are asking ‘hey, what do you think about book X’ and the response is ‘dunno, never heard of it’ chances are it might not be the best. But if you ask about a book and the response is ‘dunno, never read it, but xxx person said it was really good and I should get it, I’ve been meaning to buy it actually…’ that’s a very good sign.

Simply The Best Wealth Creation Books Of All Time

In my honest opinion, there are only a couple of books that really take the cake in terms of teaching wealth creation. The number one spot has to go to the time-tested-classic Think and Grow Rich. This book has been responsible for more millionaires than any other book in history. Click here to get free copy of Think and Grow Rich.

Next place goes to The Richest Man In Babylon which is a proven classic. You don’t go long in the wealth creation space without hearing a reference, quote, story, fable, metaphor or lesson pulled out from this book.

Another classic is How To Win Friends And Influence People. Some would say this isn’t strictly a wealth creation book but the lessons you’ll learn from it will create more wealth in your life that practically any other book written in the last 10 or 20 years.

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