How To Blog Yourself Out The Rat Race!

Blog The Heck Out Of The Rat Race!

you want to know a great way to get the freak out of the hell hole you call work?well hey I found you the most awsomest way to do it with out all the hassles of a normal job!

Yeah sure you have to type and share your stories and knowledge with if you can handle doing this in your spare time with the music playing and a nice cool orange juice on your comfy chair then this is for you!

Its no hard to see why people like you and me would seek work like this but many of us have been put off after finding nothing but duds out there that seek only to rip us off but I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what I’ve found.

Have you got a little creative flair and a desire to be successful out of the rat race! Heck I sure did and as an x art student who was cleaning showers and toilets rather than painting masterpieces.

I just wanted to experience being my own person and to have creativity and fun in my life.It turns out that thats called being an entreprenure People would tell me that Im my own boss and unique which was fine but I wanted to get paid for some of that so I could get on with making the master pieces and turn work into just that!

So thats my story how do you like it you can blog with us or for yourself its up to you but if you want more help when things get tuff then this is your answer.I sure as heck needed all the help I could get,I could see the vision and they helped put it into place for me!

The Rat Race is not what you want clearly unless you want to continue being a sheep with no control over your destiny…but this is not how I planned things to work out instead I looked outside the box for the real answers that really moved me and motivated me to want to be a better person.

sound fair?Well thats what I diid and it got me to a place were I met the honourable Alex Burns who gladly guided me on my path to freedom,he can do the same for you too if you are willing  and don’t worry he will make you able he will affirm that all you really need in this life is desire and friends like him to make them happen.

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