Is Bob Andersen A Scammer? The Truth Revealed!

Bob Andersen is a very well-known and well-respected name in the Real Estate market. The “Less is More” creator Bob Andresen can turn “your lemon into a lemonade”, according to one of his clients. So Bob Andersen being a scammer is far from reality! Bob Anderson is the entrepreneur of his business venture Positive Property Strategies, which was established way back in 1981. It is a property development and investment company. With his more than 30 years of experience in the field of finance, marketing, investment and development, Bob Andersen is well-known for his wholesale property development. Bob Andersen has swamped up and been a part of $ 1 billion worth of properties throughout his career.

What Makes Bob Andersen Exceptional?

Bob Andersen, before becoming an entrepreneur, was holding managerial positions of state and national level in Australia’s well- known companies involved in development projects. He was and has been instrumental in building up townhouses, retirement complexes, land subdivision, student accommodation complexes and units along with residential and commercial buildings.

Apart from being a Developer, Bob Andersen is also an educator to upcoming developers and/ or companies. Bob Andersen’s Mastermind Property Development course teaches property investors how to strategically invest in a property without paying out “more than required” from their pockets. Apart from being a mentor to developers, Bob Andersen is also a key speaker to various property organizations on topics on management and development of various kinds of retirement complexes. He has also delivered lectured to Planning Institute of Australia with reference to the issue faced and solutions while planning for development of retirement townhouses.

Where Does Bob Andersen Get His Inspiration From?

Bob Andersen gets his inspiration from his father, who was a man of ethics and integrity. His father was an exceptional example in his own due to his incontestable virtues. Bob Andersen Senior never bought more than one property in his whole life. Moreover, he also never had any superannuation or any investment in shares.

Bob Andersen’s entrepreneurial model allows anyone with a few thousand dollars to become a partner in his development project or allows them to purchase a spic and span fresh property at a discounted price. The investor who becomes a partner avails the benefit of development project in the long run and also saves them from running the risk of developing in their own property. Not only does this proposal allow people to reap the advantages of development of property but also makes it affordable, which wouldn’t have been affordable otherwise. This sort of business model offered to general public is not only exceptional but revolutionary. Moreover, the investor has everything on paper including the personal details of Bob Andersen himself. Moreover, Bob Andersen and his associate maintain updates with their partners on a regular basis. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to tag Bob Anderson as a Scammer.

Bob Andersen gets a frequent feature in Australian Property Magazines and is also featured on all episodes of the popular series – The Small Development Guide. The Bricks and Mortar forum has also acknowledged Bob Andersen as resident expert for development of various kinds of properties.

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