Bob Anderson Billion Dollar Developer

The name Bob Anderson is synonymous with the property markets in Australia and beyond. Based in Queensland, Bob Anderson is arguably one of the most successful and wealthiest Australian property gurus as witnessed in the numerous deals that he has overseen totaling to over $1 billion.

What Makes Bob Anderson Tick?

His uniqueness comes from being a wholesale developer with over 28 years of experience in the industry. He often says that the best way to make money in property fast is to develop or purchase properties especially town houses and engineer a strategy of holding and selling at the right time. This way, he has a mix of between $60 to $100 million worth of properties that are either in development at the time, on hold or up for sale. Bob Anderson also mentors other developers whether beginners or time tested investors on his strategies. He has authored a book that gives quite an insight into this volatile and time tested industry. The book was co-authored with Luke Anderson. Yet another book that he recommends is ‘the new way to make money in property fast’ which is a free book downloadable from this site. Because of his experience and expertise, Bob Anderson has been extensively featured in the magazines at one time being the resident expert for the Australian Property Investor magazine.

History of Bob Anderson

Aforementioned, Bob Anderson has experience of close to thirty years. He started as a small investor and has morphed into a billion dollar developer with time. Bob founded his main company, Positive Property Strategy, PPS back in 1981 which now holds unrivalled records in the real estate and property sector. With the PPS, Bob Anderson has focused on four main aspects of property sector notably finance, investment, development and marketing.

Bob has been a darling of several development companies in Australia as well as holding management positions in state companies. His development properties span several categories such as town houses, land subdivisions, townhouses and similar units, apartment blocks, retirement complexes, commercial buildings and other general high rise buildings. On the topic of management as well as new developments of retirement complexes, Bob Anderson has delivered papers, products and of course suggestions as a keynote speaker during many such events. He partnered with Prof. Bartlett Helen in spearheading reorganization of the Planning Institute of Australia. Prof. Helen heads the University of Queensland’s Australasian Center on Ageing. The suggestions covered the major areas of planning, legal frameworks and development of retirement products for general use in the retirement villages.

Learning or Partnering with Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson offers his wealth of experience for interested people especially novice investors who would like to take make serious bucks in property investments. On his website, Bob offers great courses, coaching, boot camp and materials on how to become successful in this industry. Many who have used his programs have learned the difference between a hobbyist property investor and a successful one, the art of building a portfolio for one’s property development and most importantly the big mistakes that first time investors make and how best to avoid them.

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