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What Makes You A Happy Person?

There could be a countless reasons why you are happy. It’s interesting to know what are the things that make you happy, but what’s most interesting is that most people sometimes forget the things that make them a happy person. I believe that with this simple thought, people can’t be contended with what life they have right now.

I just recently met a friend that I didn’t used to see for a long time. We stayed on a cafe and talked about some changes and achievements that we had for the past few years. He asked me about what are the things that I’m doing right now. I honestly answered his question and told him that my life had changed and that I’m doing great in my work online, earning cash in the way I want and am helping others with my passion.

He couldn’t believe the things that I’ve told him. He said that he can’t do it in his own life, and that he couldn’t imagine himself making the same changes. It’s not that my life is happier than him, but I think I’m more than flexible and willing to let go of old outdated systems to change my life for the better.

I broke it down for him and explained that my life changes was a process, a long process that requires enough patience and motivation. It actually takes time and dedication to achieve the lifestyle I have today. It’s just like cutting off the dead woods in your garden in order to make it more clean and desirable.

Life changing is a like a spring clean, as for me. And once I’ve found the things to clean in order to have a change in my life, I’ll give my best to do it. Just imagine yourself clearing the overhanging branches clogging your garden view. Once you’ll do it, you can clearly identify the things that you should take away and or change.

To be in the place where I am now, I first get started to settle myself. I changed my lifestyle, from the very least to the most important things. I changed the way I eat, I turned to some healthier activities to perform every day. These practices brought my emotional and physical harmony. Then, I took the next step and fixed my place. I did some house renovation, I took away the possessions that I no longer needed and keep up the things that are still useful. Then after this, I rectified my relationships with the closest people I have in my life.

Work Online and Meet A New, Happier Life!

The last thing I did after this is to find the path that I will walk throughout my life. My real passion is to write, and now I’m wisely using it to help others and to earn money. I found the right job and it’s what I’m working today. I’m working as an aspiring article writer and affiliate marketer, which also leads me to a brand new life.

The transformation you will experience within yourself is such an incredible thing. You’ll also be fascinated with how other’s respond to the new you. You will realize how much did you change, and that the brand new you are much better than before.

Final Words

One of the most things that make a person happy is to know that he successfully change his life for the better. Start changing your life now and meet the new, happier life that awaits you!

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