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Our bodies,our temples are bombarded with toxins and free radicals with every passing year.Getting absorbed through unfiltered so called drinking water,ingesting hormones,additives,and preservatives from the foods you eat.We get exposed to chemicals in cosmetic products,house hold cleaners,prescription drugs,environmental poisons like lead and mercury from the air you breathe.

Honestly it’s going to make you sick ,its not a matter of if but when.In my other post I talked about the liver and its constant struggle to keep up with it detoxification duties it cannot always get through the filtration of these harmful a result they set up permanent residency in your fat tissue the( adipose) and the cells and in most cases must be forced to move out.there for its essential you handle the eviction process well because the toxins tend to retaliate if their not contained and when their negative effects are not neutralised.If not gently encouraged to leave the house,they will make you sick and uncomfortable and in some cases your health will be compromised an in a lot of cases will be in a less state than If you left them there in the first place

Eliminate All cooked food To Enhance Your Cleanse!

So what to do?Well Theres a way to bring the body back to balance this is through detoxing and the process consists of dis arming the harmful substances(neutralising)Them and then eliminating them through your kidneys,lungs,skin,liver,and bowels.Be prepared to be on a restricted diet for a min of one week up to six or ten,taking breaks then repeat again.

A diet of raw food preserves all the minerals and in a cleanse is very beneficial.It provides as many minerals and enzymes as possible to the body and thats a whole other article.Really most of the detoxing will take place in the liver.When you apply proper detoxification it gives your body the opportunity to restore its harmony to the functions of these organs,freeing you from unwanted weight and chronic disease.

The liver will undoubtedly be requested to work on the cleansing process during the detox but will already be inundated with toxins and so should be nourished and supported throughout every step of the process.Its important to move forward or cancel events that will be taxing and to take time off to commit to yourself and the process If you pay special attention to dietary recommendations and nutrients.Also fill up on fibre to move the toxins through your bowels much quicker.

during a cleanse you can start to feel jittery,faint and dizzy could experience excessive diarrhoea and /or vomiting and have an excruciating headache this is obviously a serious condition to be avoided and you should seek help if this is the case but if you feel dull headache and,mild fatigue,mild bowl movements, unusual dreams and some sadness then this is perfectly normal part of a safe cleanse.Take a hot shower or even better a sauna,as the excess sweating can purge many toxins through you skin and heal you of your ales.

Your bodies balance will be back in no time if you get into a cleanse and follow correct recommendations  Stay tuned for more cleansing and health restoration tips.Also if you would like to know more facts about what I do to make this my living then please.Click here to find out more!

Cheers Rose Daily.


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