Is Cherie Barber Renovating for Profit the Real Deal?

A petite blonde with girl-next-door looks, Cherie Barber isn’t your typical button-down business person; she has made herself into a brand. So does this fresh-faced woman have what it takes to run a successful construction-related company and help those who follow her to fulfill their dreams as well? Is Cherie Barber Renovate for Profit the “real deal”?

With more than 20 years experience in the residential renovation field making money hand over fist, this high-school dropout is teaching others how to have the same success she has had with Cherie Barber Renovate for Profit.

Her website and company offer all types of DYI advice to those who might be interested in pursuing renovation as a career just like she did. It’s been a long road for Cherie Barber, who purchased and renovated her first home at age 21 and ended up selling it for a profit. She spent her 20s in the corporate world of marketing before exploring her true passion.
“I just felt like a slave to my corporate job. I felt like I was in a pin-striped jail,” Barber has said.

By age 30, she renovated her first house with the objective of flipping it for a profit, rather than using it as a residence. In just eight weeks, she sold the house for $268,000—equivalent to three years’ worth of her salary. She quit her job, turned to renovating full time; and it is estimated that she has renovated more than $50 million worth of property to date.
In 2009, the dynamo established Cherie Barber Renovate for Profit, a school designed to pass the founder’s secrets of success on to others interested in pursuing their dreams. According to the school, Barber has personally trained more than 4,000 graduates.

Meanwhile, she has become a huge Aussie celebrity with appearances on TV and radio, on the covers of magazines, and on the Internet—both with her own website and videos on YouTube. She now juggles full-time renovating with public speaking engagements, media appearances and other business commitments.

She maintains a jam-packed schedule. Barber appears on Channel 10’s “The Living Room” as well as being Foxtel’s Lifestyle’s Renovation and Development expert. She can be heard on Sydney’s 2UE radio and she’s a regular columnist for a number of publications, including Woman’s Day, Australian Property Investor, Burke’s Backyard, Handyman and Renovate. She also has several product endorsement contracts with different brands.
This year, Barber added another jewel to her crown of accomplishments by authoring her own book “Renovating for Profit – How to Buy & Renovate Properties for a Profit.”

And yet, she still makes personal appearances to pass her knowledge on to students at her private seminars, which attract everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned investors who want to make more of a career from residential renovation. Cherie Barber Renovate for Profit gives them the fundamentals to become professional property investors through advanced and creative strategies.

“The course was dynamic, informative and delivered with passion by a real expert,” says one satisfied customer on Renovating for Profit’s website. “I loved every minute and hung on every word. I can’t wait to get started.”

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