Cherie Barber Renovation Expert- All The Info On Cherie Revealed

Did you know that the popular ” Australia’s Renovation Queen” – Cherie Barber was removed from school against her will at the end of year ten so as to help her then average class family make ends meet financially?

Cherie Barber was born in 1970 in an average class family and grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. At a very tender age, Cherie was able to learn about business, diligence and self-discipline which has seen her successful to date.

At 21, in 1991, Cherie Barber bought a low budget, unrenovated property and methodically flipped it profitably shortly thereafter. While still in full-time marketing in her twenties, Barber undertook her second project which was a structural renovation. She renovated this piece of property while residing in it but advises against doing so. Cherie Barber is a highly sought after property circuit speaker and works full time in her rewarding career.

Cherie Barber threw in her marketing job at the end of her first renovation since she earned more as a renovator while working on weekends only than while working full-time in her marketing job. She achieved great things in the first year as a professional renovator. Gaining profit in her first year drove Barber to taking on renovating, development and property investment seriously as a business.

With a renovating experience of more than twenty years, Cherie Barber has been a full-time renovator for the past decade and has personally renovated over 35 properties which include structural renovations. Such tremendous success does not come easy as Cherie Barber’s attributes include discipline, business-like approach to her property projects and a well blended unique diligence and integrity system. She has personally developed a step-by-step system that enables her to logically follow a process in the projects she undertakes. The knowledge and experience Cherie Barber has on property renovation and valuation is incomparable as she competently and skillfully maximizes property value for the least cost possible.

Cherie Barber is driven by customer satisfaction and identifying the target market’s needs and wants appropriately. This has enabled her to break sales records in her area of expertise. Barber is so passionate about property and renovation and is a frequent contributor in the Australian media featuring constantly in the live radio, television, newspapers, property investment and renovation magazines, internet, talk shows and is also a regular columnist for several high profile magazines.

Cherie Barber’s knowledge and skills were put to test in full public display in 2004,when she completed a six episode renovation series with Channel Seven. Barber is a regular on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Home Channel as a TV renovation expert, as well as channel 10’s The Living Room.

In 2013, Cherie Barber authored and published – Renovating For Profit- How to Buy & Renovate Properties for A Profit and has also co-authored three books. In 2009, she established Renovating for Profit, a company designed to teach everyday Aussies the art and science of renovating for profits. If you’d like to find out more about Cherie, click here.

Cherie Barber has personally trained thousands of graduates in their career paths as professional renovators. She now juggles her full-time renovating career with public speaking and other business commitments. Cherie Barber believes that, ”Once you have the right knowledge, anyone can do it.”

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