Cherie Barber Renovation Queen? Is She FAKE?

She’s all over the telly, the Internet, magazine covers and even appears live in venues throughout Australia. But how authentic is Cherie Barber, Renovation Queen?

She’s made millions from flipping houses after renovating them and additional millions by teaching others to do the same thing through her company and website Renovating for Profit.

Writer of Jules’ Reviews, says Cherie Barber’s information is repetitive, the concepts she shares are basic, her financial options are out of date and she and her team can’t follow through on the support they promise to provide. But these are just some of the obligatory “cons” that Jules lists in her review of a Cherie Barber seminar. She promises honesty to her readers. But she also has this to say about Cherie Barber.

“Cherie Barber has a business background. This allows her to take the emotion out of renovating and concentrate at Renovating for a Profit. It is clear that she also has a heart. That is when it comes to people she treats them with respect and consideration. These are the two qualities that Cherie possesses that I appreciate the most.”

Australia’s renovation queen could not have gotten to where she is today without having the knowledge, intelligence and personality to start her own company and pass Cherie Barber renovate for profit secrets on to thousands of her followers. Her longevity alone, having been renovating houses and turning them for a profit for more than 20 years, is a testament to her authenticity and business acumen.

And she did it all after having to drop out of school to help her family when times were tough financially. Barber bought her first property at age 21, renovated it and sold it at a profit. Before long, she was doing that on a regular basis, renovating more than $50 million worth of property to date.

Along the way she has become an Aussie celebrity through Cherie Barber Renovating for Profit, a company designed to help everyday people learn the tricks of the trade and pursue renovating as a profession. In addition to sharing her knowledge and experience on Channel 10’s “The Living Room” she is also Foxtel’s Lifestyle’s Renovation and Development expert. As if that isn’t enough exposure, Barber can also be heard on the radio and her columns appear regularly in Woman’s Day, Australian Property Investor, Burke’s Backyard, Handyman, and Renovate magazines. She also is a spokesperson for several product brands.

While she has co-authored other books, Barber added another accomplishment to her long list recently by writing her own book “Renovating For Profit – How To Buy & Renovate Properties For A Profit,” which was published this year.

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