How Cherie Barber Does Her Renovations In Sydney

If you want to learn how Cherie Barber approaches renovations in Sydney, then there’s no substitute to learning from the self proclaimed “Renovation Queen” herself. Attending one of Cherie’s educational events will definitely be an eye opener for anyone that wants to make property renovation in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, a full-time business. By the end of each course, you’ll know exactly how Cherie does her renovations, and you’ll also pick up a few things that you should NOT do in a successful renovation project!

Cherie Barber believes renovations in Sydney require lots of research about the suburb in which you plan to buy your property in. Finding out whether the property is in proximity to all amenities, and if there is a regular and dependable transport service in place, will automatically add to the resale value of the property once it is renovated.

Another pillar for renovation success is critically evaluating the house itself, as well as other houses in the neighborhood. If the property is attractive to look at, and homes in the neighborhood are in demand, then your renovation efforts will yield you a premium. It goes without saying of course that you still have to do a great job in restoring and renovating the property, as well as in managing your project timelines and costs. And that’s what you can learn from Cherie Barber about renovations in Sydney if you are fortunate to attend one of her educational events.

Even if you are great with hammer and saw, plaster and drywall, shingles and drain pipes, electric fittings and ventilation systems. Cherie encourages you to look at historical property sale trends for properties in the suburb where you are renovating. If the resale values of similar properties aren’t very encouraging, you may be better off investing elsewhere. Be warned – history is against you!

As a new home renovation business person, a tip from Cherie Barber about renovations in Sydney is that you consider acquiring and renovating freestanding property as opposed to apartments. Why? You won’t need authorization from other bodies for most of your renovations. And if you make it a point to take a peek at renovations carried out in nearby homes and neighborhoods, you could even get a sense of the types of modifications that council is likely to approve.

So if you are looking to make renovations your business of choice, learn from Cherie Barber about renovations in Sydney and other locations in Australia. You’ll pick up amazing nuggets about renovation strategies and reno project management tips that will help you make even more money than you had originally anticipated.

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