Chris Corbett – Should His Audience Listen When He Speaks? Learn The Truth!

When Chris Corbett speaks to his audience of bankers, mining company executives, financiers and senior management, the message he brings is often: Now is a great time to seek finance for your projects. His value proposition for this argument is that low interest rates and the fact that many of their competitors are struggling gives them an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

While Chris Corbett may design his comments to inspire investment into the resource extraction field, skeptics in the audience might be cynical about his motives. Is Corbett really optimistic about the future of the mining industry, or is he just trying to steer business into his resource financing company, Resource Capital Funds Management?

Understanding The Motives

As a speaker and panelist at Mines and Money Australia, Chris Corbett is well known on the speaking circuit. Articulate and confident in his presentations, his message is always delivered with supporting evidence. Though critics may doubt his motives, the fact is that:

  • Chris Corbett has plenty of experience working as a mining engineer and a financial analyst
  • He has a Bachelor of Eng. (Mechanical), Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma in Mining and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment
  • He has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the resource extraction sector

With education and experience like that, no one should believe that Corbett doesn’t know what he is talking about or lacks the necessary credentials to voice his opinion. On the contrary, his background should serve all the more to trust his judgement and motivation for espousing renewed investment in the mining sector.

Why Believe In What Corbett Says?

Business people are in this game to create wealth – for themselves and their shareholders – and the resource extraction industry is no exception. When Chris Corbett encourages them to consider making new investment into their projects, it’s based on evidence that:

  • The U.S economy is seeing a gradual turn around
  • The Chinese economy, which is one of the major consumers of resources, is also seeing slow but steady growth
  • There is serious talk about the U.S. Federal Reserve planning to ease its QE program
  • An interest rate hike is more likely now than it was a year ago

The options to business leaders are: Finance now when interest rates are low, or wait for a year and finance then at higher interest rates! All these factors make Corbett’s recommendations highly credible.

The Right Wealth Building Approach For You  

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