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Investing in property is what the expertise of Chris Gray. Who is this amazing guy?

He is the CEO of Empire, an independent consultancy agency that builds property portfolios for first time investors, which in turn do the searching, negotiating and renovating on their behalf. His knowledge comes with a qualified accountant, buyer’s agent, mortgage, buyer as well from his own personal success. He was able to turned the $35,000 into a $3.5m portfolio in under 9 years and retired at the age of 31. His portfolio is now in excess of $10m and he continues to buy more property.

Chris Gray, a well known speaker and presenter that offers a fresh approach to property investing. He teaches investors and home owners on how to maximize their situation by leveraging their income, equity and time. He presents strategies that are easy to follow and powerful options that change the lives of home buyers and investors.

He is the author of twobooks, ‘The Effortless Empire: The Time-Poor Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth from Property’ and ‘Go For Your Life: How to Turn Your Weekdays into Weekends through Property Investing’.

Over the years, he relates to all types of property buyers and investors. He was able to spoke to audiences inAustralia that includes schoolchildren, young adults, parents, professionals, CEOs and high-net-worth individuals.

What Does Empire Do?

Empire is a specialist on buyer agency and property investment consultancy that handle the property and clients. As founded by Chris Gray, he even proves that his Empire strategy really works not just for the wealthy, but those who are interested in property investment. Here’s what they offer  to their clients:

Buy Property

Empire help their clients to locate, negotiate and fund their property purchase, whether it is for a family home or for investment. It helps their clients to save more of their time, money and other problems in looking for a property to invest.

Renovate Property

They will help you with your property renovation. To know how much it can cost you and how long it will. Empire can give you a fixed price, fixed deadline at work that carries the highest standard with no excuses. Once the work is not completed on time, the builder will be paying you instead.

Managing Property

They will help you manage your property investment so you can make a lot of bucks out of it.

For more Chris Gray’s investment property speaker profile, click here.

For media enquiries or to book Chris, you can Julia Nekich on:

T: (02) 9279 3330
M: 0410 796 800
F: (02) 8078 0212

or alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form on Chris Gray’s contact page. Hurry! Because there are thousands of people who love to hear and learn from him.

Know  more about this amazing guy and learn all stuff about him when you click this link to his contact page. 

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