Chris Powell – Is He Credible Or Just Another Fraud? Read More And You Could Win FREE Gifts!

Western central banks view Chris Powell as a thorn in their side. He supposedly is a stalwart in the fight to make the banks come clean about their secret gold manipulation strategies. But to casual observers it may appear that Powell and his organization, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) have a secret agenda of their own.

Critics agree that Chris Powell and GATA have been instrumental in shining a light on some hereto secretive powers that many central banks don’t like to speak of openly. However, they also hold that not much has been accomplished by his actions. So are Powell’s words and actions credible? Or is he just in this for some ulterior motive?

A Crusader For The Truth!

To understand what Powell’s motivations might be behind taking on the western central banks, one should know some background about him:

  • Chris Powell has been working with the Journal Inquirer, a Connecticut newspaper since 1967
  • He is currently the Managing Editor of the publication
  • He is also the co-founder of GATA, which came into being in 1999 to expose what he believes are rigging’s and manipulations of gold markets by western central banks

Chris Powell firmly believes in his cause and spares no opportunity to speak and write about it. Audiences around the globe have heard his arguments about why central banks are wrong in implementing bullion-trading policies as they do today. When participants at gold investing and trading forums hear Powell speak, they come away with a much better understanding of the complex role of central banks in the bullion global markets.

Are Powell’s Actions Consistent With His Words?

Anyone doubting Powell’s motives should view public records about his actions. It is through his actions, and GATA’s endorsement of several U.S. Freedom of Information Act lawsuits, that the general public became aware that central bankers of G-10 nations were secretly planning coordinated gold market-related policies.

Some of the information that came to light as a matter of Powell’s actions clearly confirms the surreptitious plans of those central banks to deliberately manipulate gold prices. Even the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank was forced to admit that it had gold swapping arrangements with other foreign banking institutions that they insisted on not making public.

When it comes to Powell’s words and actions therefore, there are no contradictions between the two!

Making The Most Of Knowledge

Crusaders like Chris Powell truly believe in exposing the dark underbelly of deviant central bankers and their colluding investment banker cohorts. The knowledge they offer through their writings and talks helps investors make the most of real investment opportunities available to them.

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