Chris White – Is She Squandering Public Money?

Chris White serves the state of Victoria in her capacity as Group Manager of Product Marketing at Tourism Victoria. By definition therefore, she has great influence in how public funds are allocated and used within the organization. During times of extreme austerity being imposed all over the world today, is it wise to be spending badly needed resources on tourism?

Audiences listening to Chris White make the case for greater public funding of her industry may wonder if that money can be better spent elsewhere – Education, Health Care and other Social Assistance programs.

Public funding misused?

In White’s defence, public programs like tourism all over the world are often funded by federal, state or provincial governments. Victoria is therefore no exception. And as the senior executive responsible for managing public funding:

  • Chris White has proved to be an effective steward of a complex $6M annual budget
  • She has used her creativity and innovative thinking to secure additional government investments to the tune of approximately $12M
  • She has achieved a highly respected international reputation in her field of expertise
  • Is serving her third term – a distinction indeed! – as Chair of Cruise Down Under
  • And she has built a team of committed and motivated individuals to support her vision

Far from being misused or mismanaged, the funding received by White’s organization is well managed and deployed in ways that give back to the state in terms of other opportunities.

Growing Victoria’s wealth

By continuing to champion investment in Victoria’s tourism sector, Chris White is playing an important role in indirectly maintaining the state’s competitive advantage. Tourism doesn’t just bring in much needed revenue to the state. It also has various up and downstream ripple effects that contribute to Victoria’s wealth.

Jobs in various tourism-related businesses are fueled through the investment that White and her team are charged with managing. And when business people touring the state are exposed to the opportunities that are available in the state, some of them even invest in setting up local enterprises. All of these activities fuel wealth creation for the state and its citizens.


Growing your personal wealth

Chris White is an extremely accomplished senior manager, strategic visionary and a shrewd people and money manager when it comes to making effective use of public funds. Her leadership of Tourism Victoria has amply demonstrated that.

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