Citylife Singapore Property Event On Australian Property Cycle


Have you ever asked yourself how to build an Australian Property Portfolio and retire with 4 Australian Properties from One initial deposit? Know more about it at the Citylife Singapore Property Event.

With just one night you will know how you achieve it. Watch out for this event, coming soon to Singapore.

If you fully understand the Australian Property Cycle then it will be easier in time to make your property investment decisions. You will soon realize that the cycle itself is entirely predictable.

This is the right time to enter the Australian Real Estate Market. Learn all the information from the Citylife group that will give you the updated and current market conditions. The group also examines the market trend conditions of the current situation as well reveals the data released by the government, which can have effects on the Australian real estate market.

The Citylife Group

The group is committed to a long term relationship with their clients and act at all times with them. They identify cities and opportunities for interested individual investors in investing in Australian real estate by choosing commercial and residential developments in the country from quality developers.

Michael Bently is the managing director and he aims that the Citylife clients will achieve regular and reliable rental returns in its recommended properties and employ a long term investment strategy between 3 to 10 years. This strategy is designed to achieve attractive capital growth and returns by minimizing issues and taking advantage of the economic and real estate cycles. This is how the group has helped their clients for the past years.

The Guest Speaker

Learn all of these from the guest speaker? Who is the expert guy?

Michael Bentley is the author of the top selling book, “The Non Resident’s Complete Guide to Australian Property”. He has studied the property cycle over the past 100 years and will be able to show you the best time and place to buy in Australian property.

Over the past 25 years, Michael Bently has been giving advices to clients from all around the world on how to buy and invest Australian properties from his home in Honk Kong. He has seen the different type of situation and property available in Australia.

With this event you can be personally be acquainted with Micheal and his powerful knowledge. He will personally guide you in building your own safe and profitable Australian property portfolio. Get also his powerful new book and you can have the access to the property knowledge that he himself has gained from the past 25 years and has used it successfully in his private investors.

This is a FREE seminar, but the entry is by registration only authorizing by the Citylife database email invitations.

No walk-ins are allowed to enter without confirming their booking ahead of time.

No real estate agents selling Australian property will be admitted.

No latecomers will be admitted before 7:45 pm.

All seminars are already booked ahead of the scheduled event so register now!

Just simply click this link and fill up the form to confirm your booking.



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