How Do We Make Or Collect EBooks For Our Posts?

How Do We Make Or Collect EBooks For Our Posts?


Hey, again I’m not too clear what you mean.


If you want to take all your posts, say like 36 of them, and create a 36 page eBook, it’s about as easy as hitting ‘export posts’ and then going into Microsoft Word and hitting ‘import’. You might want to do a title page or whatever or add some images or something. Then you just export it as a PDF and you’ve got your eBook.


If you meant that you want to get an eBook, and rip it apart to pull out all kinds of text and paragraphs and stuff to write about to create plenty of new posts to post to the site, it’s essentially the same thing just the other way. You get the eBook, we need to tear it open if it’s a PDF, then you just have all the txt/word document. Put that into posts however you write, I think you said you use Text Pad or something. Then when you are happy with them just save them and post them to WordPress as normal.


You can actually buy half-decent eBooks about work from home or money or health or whatever you want, and they have limited re-use rights, and you can just tear them apart and create tonnes of articles from them. Of course add in a bit of your own voice and language, but it’s a really fast and easy method to pump up your quantity…

As a WordPress writer and owner, you’ve likely pondered whether to investigate distributed a digital book from your substance and content in WordPress. How troublesome would it be? Is that even legal or something? What amount would it cost? What amount would I procure? How would I begin? This aide will answer your inquiries.

You can basically offer a free digital book as a motivating force to users to subscribe to your website. Because ebooks are really ‘in’ nowadays. People doesn’t buy hardcopy books anymore. Only those who are really a bookworm as they call it. Procuring income by offering a digital book rendition of your substance from your site is a great idea to start your money making website to be a success when it comes to content quantity.

The beginning of the computerized time and the multiplication of electronic perusing gadgets has changed everything, hence the ebook era. Which is why you are asking me about it now. Distribution houses are really beginning to look to independent publishers for works and ability perfect with their hobbies despite the fact that independently publishing is by all accounts the method for what’s to come, it’s truly nothing but the same old thing new. You may be amazed to discover that large portions of the titans of abstract history were independently published sooner or later in their vocations, including any semblance of Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway and many more. We’re living in an energizing time where the devices for independently publishing make it simpler than any time in recent memory to get your own particular works under the control of intrigued users and customers. So ebooks are really important nowadays and you can use ebooks in so many ways like creating of content and more.

In creating an ebook and posting it to wordpress, you can use a free open source plugin for making ebooks in ePub, pdf and different organizations. It’s not immaculate and has a couple characteristics, but rather its great general. So it is basically easy to do.

When you distribute your digital or ebook, you can pick how you need to offer it. I actually have a video wherein you can learn how to do these things. It is completely free of charge.  In this instructional video, you can learn a lot from making websites, making contents and ebooks and a lot more.

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