Is There Copyright Laws to Protect Article Writers?

Is There Copyright Laws to Protect Article Writers?


Generally, yes, there are copyright laws. I’m not a lawyer so don’t take this as advice, but for any piece of intellectual property that you create and own, if someone steals that then technically that is illegal.


Officially, if someone steals your content and you find it on their site you can lodge a DMCA request against them to have them take it down. It’s a bit of a hassle and doesn’t always work.


Unfortunately the Internet is a bit like the Wild West. And actually, blogs and internetworks are setup to automatically syndicate content across each other. Anyone can tap into your RSS feed and suck off every article you post and do whatever they want with it. The enforcement over country borders is ineffective and complicated with different laws etc.


Remember, content stealing is happening multi-multi-multi-millions of times a day. And Google is the biggest culprit! Essentially all Google does is go to your site, steals all your stuff, and posts it on their site at their convenience for a profit.


Are there copyright laws? Yes. Do the really mean much? No.


Personally I simply do the right thing and run my websites and business completely legally. I’m not looking to be sued. There is so much great fresh and freely useable content there is no reason to steal it.


Also, if someone steals your article, I guess you can consider it a compliment.


But really, why do you need to steal content when you can write your own?


How To Become an Article Writer


Today, composing an article well is more critical than any other time in recent memory. A long way from being the oldest decade, writing is now being used in the following — in email, on websites, and through social networking. It is likewise an essential means for recording, conveying, and refining our thoughts.


So how do you create an article so you don’t steal any content from the internet? Anybody can begin an blog or a website. Truth be told, setting up your own web journal is the most straightforward stride to turning into a blogger. The testing part is composing great blog entries that make your guests need to peruse and share your substance. Luckily, building and advancing your site or web journal with incredible substance doesn’t oblige a degree in exploratory writing, technical writing or creative writing. But you can feel free to enrol yourself in some university if you want.


While the web is filled with instructional exercises and aides on the most proficient method to compose a blog entry, the most vital part of reliably creating the best blog entries is giving significant and drawing in substance perusers will either discover helpful or enlivening. Also, the best part is that you can copy the accomplishment of the best bloggers by taking after a fundamental recipe for composing a website.


This is on the grounds that there is no mystery content technique or approach to build movement. There are only sure components all extraordinary blog entries have that make them broadly went to, shared, and connected to. Underneath, you will discover tips on the best way to compose a decent blog entry.

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I truly trust it helps you and assuming this is the case, please post a comment so I can further help you out.

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