How Much Does It Cost To Build A Basic Website In 2015 – SOLVED

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Basic Website In 2015 – SOLVED

<drumroll please> The truth about how much it costs to build a basic website in 2014 revealed. Open, in the eyes of the public, for all to see. Come one, come all, and enjoy the delicious truth here.


Top 10 Reasons Why Website Costs Have Been Lowered In 2014

  1. Customers or clients cannot or would not want to buy expensive websites
  2. Hosting fees are lowered
  3. Domain registrations come cheaper
  4. More companies make their own start up shared hosting and domain companies
  5. There are thousands of IT fresh graduates that are open to claiming website projects for low cost
  6. There are more programmers and web designers every year and competition grows larger
  7. More platforms became free and open source
  8. Plugins and seciurity systems lowers their price too
  9. More people learn how to make their websites by themselves
  10. There are more free websites being given in the world wide web


2014 Makes Life Easy When It Comes To Building Basic Low Cost Websites

The reason being is that 1) technology has moved forward so far that now anyone with a computer and internet connection can build a top-quality professional grade website and 2) I’ve released a full training video that walks you through step by step how to do so… AND I’M GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE.


And I mean actually, really, free. None of this “oh its free but you have to give me your name, email, middle name, first childs name, date of birth, click this link, click this other link, click this ad, and now receive spam you can’t avoid for the rest of your life type of free”.


No no No. I mean, FREE. Like: click this link and download the video instantly free.


The Perfect Way To Find The Cost Of Building A Website In 2014

If you are still seriously trying to do the numbers (ie, if you haven’t yet downloaded the free video and just built your website already)… there is another way of finding out the real cost of building a website in 2014.


But it’s gonna take you A LOT of time, effort, energy, money… and more time. I mean A LOT of time.


I would highly recommend you avoid taking such action and simply get into it and build your website now (with the free video you can get by clicking here)… because after about 20 minutes of doing some more google searches and entering in information for quotes etc, you could have just built the website yourself.


The Quickest Way To Lower Your Biggest Website Costs

I would say research about it, or I would tell you the whole story how I know how to lower the biggest website cost, but that would take me time, not mentioning the web pages that I would use just for telling the whole story.

Good thing I have created a simple, easy to watch, FREE video that you can watch by clicking this link. Here, you will know the quickest way to lower your biggest website cost. This is completely free of charge and also hassle free because you don’t need to do anything, you don’t need to enter your email address and all those jazz, you don’t have to pay for a dime, you just have to click here. Now.

The Ultimate In Website Building Technology – How To Build A Low Cost Website In 2014

I reveal all the step by step instructions of the ultimate website building technology in the video you can download for free by clicking here. It is the lowest cost you can possibly build a website for.


Absolutely clear to understand instructions how to build a low cost website, totally updated with 2014 information, seriously the quickest, easiest and cheapest way you can possibly build a website. Did I mention fastest?


Did I mention completely free?

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