Will We Be Able To Do Everything By The End Of The Course?

Will We Be Able To Do Everything By The End Of The Course?


Yes. You’ll be able to easily do everything by the end of the course. BUT, the course is literally the size of a University Degree and it will take you years to master the whole part.


That’s why initially with your Business Plan and Marketing Strategy we focussed down on one particular area that was going to be the easiest for you to implement, with the most flexible hours, that was essentially a free strategy to implement – so no advertising costs – and then we hooked you up with some leverage to make it way easier for you as our system will automatically convert your leads into sales so you can earn money as fast as possible.


You’ve still got some progress to make with the Content Creation Factory section of the course, and once you push forward for another month or two you’ll break through to the triple digits and you’ll really start to see some tangible effects and results of your efforts.


You’re actually doing very well very fast which is why I want you to setup your own domain now so we can begin to populate it with all your content as well.


I can imagine by next year your whole site could be running on its own.


I think you will be blown away by the amount of material of the course that’s on the USB stick I am sending you. Whatever you did download or whatever was going on with that, from what I can tell you have only received a very, very small part of it.


That’s ok though, because we are focussing you on the main part you need to focus on now, so you wouldn’t have needed the extra stuff anyways… (I.e.as a guestimate I don’t think you’ll be spending money on paid advertising building PPC campaigns until next year)


Just keep focussing on the articles.


Also remember that you have lifetime updates…. So if (when) I add in a course on how to make products and create eBooks, you’ll receive that straight away. You’ve already paid the maximum fee for everything.


So not generally speaking, you will be able to do everything by the end of the course, everything i the course, that is.


Of course, if creating ebooks is not yet in the course you have availed then no, you won’t get that obviously, BUT, I will have more courses to add, and more learnings to teach you. We have all the time in the world, and you have all the motivation you need. All you need to do is just follow what I am telling you, focus on the articles, focus on what you are doing now and do not ever be distracted by anything.


In addition, you can click this link and learn more things about creating websites, creating affiliate sites and a lot more. You will learn the step by step guide on how to do it, so you can add more knowledge into you, or to your friends if you share it to them. It’s completely free anyways, so go on and share it to your friends and I will add more videos to it so I can share more things and stuffs to you. Completely free of charge. You need not to worry about anything. Just click this link and be amazed. Cheers!

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