What Inspiration A Lazy Person Can Give You

There are million ways to change your life…

Fine. Here I am, saying it again! Like…







I’m actually sick of telling you my story of success over and over again. Well, I just got some inspiration in my Google Plus account today. I saw this photo:

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… and am overwhelmed about what is said in here. It’s just that I’m glad some people didn’t always think negative thoughts on lazy people. I’m also overwhelmed because I’m a lazy person. Haha! 😀 Well, it’s not a shame, as for me. Like what is said in the photo given above, lazy people do also have a good side.

I can clearly see myself in this quotation. You’ll know why after reading my story. 🙂 

Ok, fine. I’m going to share my story again. Haha! 😀 But don’t worry! This will surely be short, and you can rest assured that you will not be reading a novel. 🙂

Like what I said, I’m a bit lazy before and let me tell you that I’m really bored working my job that time. That time I thought that it’s annoying to earn money and it can’t really be this hard. I start hating my job, since I’m also not being productive in my work. Until the day comes that I really can’t help it, so I quit.

My life after that scene was really a mess. I wake up, I eat, I sit around, I do nothing and I rest all day long. I have unlimited time to spend my day with nothing to do around. I become more lazy, and I didn’t even clean my house every single day. It seems to be tired all the time. Being satisfied with my condition, the time came that I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, to fill my food cabinet and even to go out with my friends.

Then there, a light bulb immediately lights up my mind. I run towards my laptop and search for the money, what I mean is, JOB. After a few days of searching the right job to invest in, I then finally found the best idea ever.


Affiliate Marketing give me the best idea ever. It has been the fastest way to earn money, so I decided to have a business with it. I undergo some training with regards to affiliate marketing, and the company where I’m working right now is the team who helped throughout my entire start up on it. They help me build my own footsteps, so I’m here where I am today.

I’m really desperate to earn real cash, so I keep myself motivated until I can stand on my own. Affiliate Marketing also drives me to use my passion for writing to do my business well, and to also help other people.

I’m now a proud, aspiring affiliate marketer and web content writer, whose door is still open for new skills and coming opportunities. I’m willing to share you my way. Feel free to jump in and get started for a new life.

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