How Do I Create EBooks And Mailing Lists?

How Do I Create EBooks And Mailing Lists?


Essentially an eBook is just an electronic book. So to create an eBook simply write a book and distribute it electronically. There are plenty of programs to turn it into a PDF and even Microsoft Word has an export to PDF function.


How To Create Ebooks Easily


You can create an ebook simply by writing a book in a Microsoft Word, just typing in your ideas and completing that book eventually. Then you can convert it to a PDF and distribute it electronically or in your website. You can sell it by using downloads and payment gateways. The greater part of the ebooks these days are made in PDF. It is the simplest approach to make an electronic book. You can make it by writing your book into a Word Document and swing it to a PDF. This is simple, correct? Be that as it may, hey, you ought to be mindful and watchful as well. There are tips and traps on the most proficient method to effectively do it, or else, one mix-up and your digital book won’t be made as fruitful as how it ought to be made. So how would you know whether making your digital book into a PDF is the right way or not? Click here to watch the free video I made about this topic and much more and see that you realize what you have to find out about. This video is totally free, no email advertising, no other irritating bothering registrations. Simply click here to watch it now.


Mailing List



Regarding mailing lists, again if you are talking about email lists – like autoresponders – to create one simply follow the instructions in the Internet Domination Course which you own.

Aweber is by far the industry leader for autoresponders.

They are great for new starters online, and I’m still using them running multiple six figure businesses.

They are hands down the best with functionality, support, ease-of-use and because they are the most popular there is prolific amounts of guides and tutorials – most of which they provide themselves.

Their support is fantastic too.

And they are CHEAP.

The smallest package they have is $19/month. But you can get it for just $1 a month with this link:

Hard to beat $1!


If you mean a physical mailing list, and you wanted to create your own, well essentially you need to collect the postal information of people and store it somehow. Excel would do initially, then you could upgrade to a CRM system such as Insightly which is free at the lower basic levels.

Physical mailing is expensive though, which is something to consider. You’ll find it a lot cheaper using Aweber.

This is simple. Trust me in light of the fact that I have attempted this for such a large number of times as of now. In the event that you truly need to know how, I have made a free video that talks about this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You should do nothing more than snap this link to download the video and you will learn how to build and use lists or auto responders. You will be coordinated to the video and there is no compelling reason to enlist or put in your private information or any irritating things like that. Simply click this link and appreciate watching my free video. This is my free gift to you.

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