What % Is The Cut For The Affiliate For Internet Domination?

What % Is The Cut For The Affiliate For Internet Domination?


25%. Customer for life. Any and all repeat sales 25%. Customers yours for life.


I recommend you send me a list of everyone you know, cause who knows what will happen sooner or later and if they randomly get involved by sheer luck they’ll be connected to you.


Even say they googled stuff and went to Boyd’s article and bought something, if they were connected to you they’re your customer for life.


First in first served. 25% on everything. Customers for life. I track names, emails, phones, computers, cookies, IP addresses, anything and everything.


When I get around to it and install this server and spend $1000’s on this affiliate software I’ll be able to do a second tier. So anyone you refer, any and all affiliate commissions they get you get an extra cut on top.


If you got lucky and referred the right person you’d have money coming in like crazy. Customers for life. First in first served.


But if your Mum, right now surfs the net and comes in under Boyd and buys, well she’s his customer for life. Doesn’t matter she’s your mum and you obviously know her and have more history etc.


That’s why I recommend to everyone just write out a list, dump phone numbers and your address book and send it to me. It doesn’t have to be organised or anything and I won’t do anything with it. But one day you might want to be able to prove you referred a person way back when which means they’re yours for life and you get their commissions.


It’s always never a priority or not worth it now… but then in 2 years who someone you know buys a massive package and you’re missing out on a $2,500.00 commission it’s all tiers and ‘I knew her longer, she’s my cousin, this isn’t fair’ blah blah.


You’ve been advised. I can give you the coaching but you’re the one that has to do it.


So go and structure that list, get everyone, I mean every body you know and list them in a piece of paper, or in your notepad or in a Word document. Name, addresses, phone numbers, especially email addresses are needed. Count your first family in, second family, cousins, cousins of your cousins, friends, friends of your friends, your girlfriend, fiancée, friends oand family of your fiancée and that guy you met yesterday in the market.


Why? Basically, it is not going to be just for my own good, it’s your own good. Imagine you have 2 persons, that’s 50% already. If that’s 4, you have a hundred percent of income already. And if you have that list with the people I listed above, well, I am not that good in mathematics but you can calculate it yourself, that’s heaps of commissions.


25%. Customer for life. Any and all repeat sales 25%. Customers yours for life. Remember that. For life. That is a full guarantee. This is not just sales talk, you have already the courses and you know there are so many things you can really learn from here, and a lot, lot more that I will be able to upload in the future. Just hold on and focus on your task, build that list and send it to me. It’s for our financial freedom. Cheers!


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