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A CEO and Founder of Trading Pursuit and international Financial Market Educator, Daniel Kertcher has conducted and facilitated Trading Pursuits’ courses in Australia and even in the international countries. During his 15-year career, Daniel has presented introductory educational seminars to more than 200,000 people around the world…

And today, there are almost 10,000 people who have been in the Trading Pursuits for the multi-day training programs…

Daniel Kertcher has created several books. He wrote one of the top selling books like Taming the Beasts: Secrets to Profit in Volatile Bull and Bear Markets, and also create articles for various prominent publications in Dubai, Singapore and Australia. Daniel is a regular feature writer of the Herald Sun for Wealth Creator magazine. Daniel had guested as a radio commentator on 2UE, 2SM and 2ST. He also created the patented options trading board game called “Call Up, Put Down”.

Daniel Kertcher’s Achievements:

  • In 2003, he achieved high-level ASX and industry accreditation: Accredited Futures Advisor – 2003 Options Accreditation (Level 1 & 2)
  • In 2009, his the Trading Pursuits Group was granted by the Australian Financial Services License. He received the award with his Responsible Managers Julie Cairns.
  • In 2004, he was invited to conduct Options Training Seminars where there were 300 brokers at Jakarta Stock Exchange.
  • In 2003-2004, he was invited to conduct Options Training Seminars for the public hosted by Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchanges.

He was invited to be a guest speaker at Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery, Brad Sugars’ and other events like Billionaire in Training, Global 1 Training, Pat Mesiti’s Millionaire Mindset, and Stuart Zadel’s Seminars and events. After being a guest speaker, he became a highly sought and inspiring educational speaker to men, women and you alike.

Daniel Kertcher’s History

Daniel was born in 1972 in the month of December. He and his family moved to Australia when he was 16 years old. He studied one year of high school in Australia, and after that year, he was passed and accepted at the University of Queensland. In this university, he undertook a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neurophysiology (Brain Research).

In 1993, he has supposedly begun a Masters in neurophysiology, but he chose an alternative option which was to have an intermission from studying and found employment in the Real Estate Industry.

In 1994, he was promoted as Offshore Manager in the company where he worked and spent almost all his year in Singapore where he participated and shined in managing, marketing, and property sales of the business.

In 1995, he became an accredited Real Estate agent and he decided to establish his own agency. His business partner was his mother, Sharyn. In their agency, they are usually managing the features of the property. It covers investing, developing, sales, on-site management and maintenance.

In 2000, he met Anthony Robbins, the famous American motivation coach. He completed Anthony’s courses, and the completion of this course to Anthony, he sold his shares in MetaShare and retired. In early 2001, he was invited by Tony Robbins to teach options trading at their Wealth Mastery course. When this opportunity came, Daniel realized that he was too young to retire and he finally decided to start teaching again.

In the same year, he founded Trading Pursuits, a business venture that aims to bring together a combination of two of his passions in life: trading and educating others.

Daniel currently features in all across the country and holds workshops that many people attend… teaching people how to make money trading the share market (Combining covered calls with CFD’s).

We won’t give all the secrets away, but some say it’s a strategy with the potential of earning monthly income using leverage! If you are interested in making money and want to get your hands on tickets to a Daniel Kertcher event then you’ll have to do some digging as Daniel Kertcher is hard to find on the seminar circuit these days.

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