Daniel Kertcher Predicts Share Market In Australia

When Daniel Kertcher talks share market in Australia, thousands of interested investors flock to his events. Why? Because in over 15 years of talking shares and equities, and making general predictions about the Australian stock market, Daniel has amassed an impressive follower base. And these loyal devotees know the value of the well informed opinions and comments that they hear at one of Daniel’s events.

There are not too many inspiring wealth creation speakers on the Australian investment circuit. And of those that are still practicing, no one has the illustrious background that Daniel brings to his talks, seminars and workshops. And many of those that have been around for as many years don’t claim the right to as many impressive titles as Daniel Kertcher.

This founder of Trading Pursuits, Bestselling Author, Inventor of the popular trading board game “Call Up, Put Down”, Financial Educator, CEO and fully accredited Options, Futures and Derivatives advisor, brings with him an avid passion to teach and share knowledge about investment and wealth building, like no other speaker on the subject can. That’s why he has been able to reach out to over 100,000 individuals through his legendary introductory educational events around the globe.

And it’s not just ordinary investors and aspiring wealth builders who flock to hear Daniel Kertcher talk about the share market in Australia. Even professional newspapers and industry-leading publications in Singapore, Australia and Dubai are proud to host Daniel’s articles regularly. As a matter of fact, Daniel is a frequent feature contributor on wealth and investment for the respected Herald Sun for Wealth Creator magazine, as well as guest commentator on popular radio shows 2ST, 2SM and 2UE.

And as if those weren’t achievements enough, for novice and professional wealth seekers and investors to gravitate to Daniel’s events, there’s even more! Big brokers, financial advisors and money managers listed on the Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta Stock Exchanges are regular beneficiaries of Daniel’s immense knowledge on financial, investment and wealth building topics. They attend his events in droves every time he runs one of his popular training sessions. And he is one of the most sought after keynote speakers at events held in those regional and international financial hubs.

Daniel Kertcher predicts the state of the share market in Australia based on his sound investment knowledge and strong understanding of local and international events that impact Australia and the region. And his investment strategies are based on the sound principles of minimizing risk while growing your capital.

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