Daniel Kertcher Reveals Australia Stock Market Secrets

If you heard about Daniel Kertcher Australia stock market, then you must be very curious about who this guy really is and if he is really going to help you make money with the stock market. Well, the truth is that he is a very popular and successful individual and by listening to what he has to say about the stock market, you’ll learn a lot and eventually learn to imitate his success. So with no further ado, Daniel Kertcher is Financial Market Educator, Founder, and also Chief Executive Officer of Trading Pursuit. On top of that, he has managed to facilitate and conduct Trading Pursuits’ course in international countries and also in Australia.

Daniel has been involved in this for more than fifteen years and in total, he presented his seminars to well over one hundred thousand people worldwide. Due to his massive success and in an attempt of making sure that as many people as possible will learn from his success, he also wrote several books.

Daniel Kertcher’s History

Now a little more about his personal background; first of all, you should know that Mister Kertcher was born in December of 1972 and at the age of sixteen, he moved to Australia with his family. He only spent a year there in high school and following that, he was accepted and passed Queensland University. Because of his interest in human psychology, he eventually majored in Brain Research or Neurophysiology.

Later on in 1993, his interest on Neurophysiology kept increasing and it’s been said that he also begun a Masters in this field. However, soon enough he had an intermission from studying and he was hired in the Real Estate industry.

After just 1 year, he was very happy to work as an Offshore Manager in the same Singaporean company where he spent almost 1 year. There he shined in property sales, marketing and managing of the business. Daniel has certainly had a busy life and a life of many changes nevertheless, which made him very determined and sure about what he would like to do with his life. After he has had success with his endeavors, he decided that the path he’d want to pursue in life is that of financial independence. But he didn’t stop there and that is why today he is teaching others about how to walk on the same path as he did.


Currently Daniel is traveling around the country and presenting at various great seminars that will help all of those who would like to find new ways to reap profits. So basically, he reveals great tickets that will teach you on how to make money by trading options on the stock market. If you want to know more about this, then you can get free tickets at http://danielkertcherlive.com.au/. When you will have finally taken the choice to participate at his seminars, you will realize that money making is something simpler than breathing!

For Australians eager to jump-start their wealth building initiatives, attending a wealth creation seminar is definitely the next step. And registering today could even win you a FREE ticket for the event!

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