Daniel Kertcher And His Run In With ASIC

When successful business people draw huge public appeal, governments and other regulatory bodies are bound to also take notice. And that’s exactly the situation with Daniel Kertcher and the ASIC! As critics of Daniel’s successful investor education business venture, Trading Pursuits, lay accusations and innuendo about non-compliance with Australian Securities and

Investments Commission guidelines, the truth of the matter is something quite the opposite. And the fact that the watchdog body of the Australian securities and investment landscape has not initiated any legal action based on the rhetoric from critics, speaks volumes of Daniel and his team’s integrity.

Critics charge that Trading Pursuits has run afoul of the ASIC by providing ordinary investors “misleading” knowledge and know how of exceptional wealth-building strategies. In fact, Daniel Kertcher has an ASCI approved license to perform the type of services he and his business venture delivers. Had those services truly been in contravention of ASCI regulations, the watchdog has the power to revoke its license and initiate punitive action.

The ASCI have been monitoring the Australian investment scene closely, and have even sanctioned other players – but never Trading Pursuits! – it believes were non-compliant. But still, some disgruntled competitors and armchair investment advisors continue to cast aspersions on the tremendously successful futures and options trading strategies espoused by Daniel and his team.

To prove their case that Daniel Kertcher and the ASIC are on the same side, Trading Pursuits have made public volumes of their trading summaries and results to the general public. This act of transparency proves beyond doubt that the winning trading strategies that Daniel teaches are in fact credible and can make real money for real investors willing to follow them closely.

Every one of Daniel’s investor education events is filled with invaluable information that thousands of attendees have learned, followed and prospered from. The only “risk” that attendees to those events face is to trade derivatives and other options before they actually understand the risks involved in those strategies. And as over 100,000 investors have participated in events by Daniel Kertcher, the ASCI has no cause to believe what competitors of Daniel’s strategies say.

Daniel’s comments that “I am in the process of turning $2,000 into $1 million” is based on the well recognized theory of compounding, which even Einstein dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world”. By closely following these strategies, ordinary investors can build real wealth, even in uncertain times like we face today.

While there is no doubt therefore that, while Daniel Kertcher and ASIC have their own ideas about how investors should be educated on wealth building topics, there is no evidence that Daniel and his associates have been anything less than fully compliant with ASIC regulations.

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