Daniel Kertcher Shares Options Trading Seminar Sydney – ALL NEW DETAILS FOR 2014!

If you are looking for information about Daniel Kertcher Shares Options Trading seminar Sydney, this site will give you the updated details on the venue, date and time of the seminar as well as the links where you can reserve your seats.


For any reasons that you have in mind why you look for Forex Trading seminars of  Daniel Kertcher, this site can best answer all your questions on how you will be able to get seats to attend the event in your location.  For sure, you will not miss this wealth creation seminar on Sydney for the year 2014.

When Is The Next Daniel Kertcher Shares Options Trading In Sydney?


The next Daniel Kertcher “Trading FOREX like the Banks” seminar in Sydney is on: Thursday 27th February 2014.


Seats are limited while many people would like to be there in the seminar; so why not secure your seats earlier. Click here to get your tickets.


Where Is It? What’s The Location And Address?


In Sydney, the exact location is at: Grand Ballroom, Sydney Boulevard Hotel 90 William Street,  Sydney NSW 2011.

Find out the exact location with the help of the Google maps which you an access by clicking here or use your GPS.


What Time Is It? When Do I Have To Be There?


It starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 9:15pm. However, you can register at 6pm; be there at 5:45 to find a good parking.


Daniel Kertcher Shares Options Trading Are Very Popular


Daniel Kertcher’s is famous and nobody would regret spending their time for the seminar. Seats may be closed for more attendees so make sure you reserve earlier. Click here to go to the website for your seat reservation.


Daniel Kertcher Books Are Available Free For A Limited Time Only


Daniel Kertcher’s book entitled “Trading FOREX like the Banks” will open up the secrets towards successful Forex trading activities so you can attain financial freedom. Do not missed out the free cope which you can get here: Click here to see the site to get a free copy of the book.


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