Does Daniel Kertcher’s Stock Market Course Work?

With the global economy constantly changing, investing can be a risky prospect, which is why many people are turning to the Daniel Kertcher stock market course. For the last 15 years, the financial services and trading expert has been appearing before large groups to convey what is known at the Daniel Kertcher Trading Pursuits program.

Founded in 2001, the financial markets and trading education company has been offering guidance and advice to a variety of clients from low-level investors to major players interested in learning more through Daniel Kertcher’s stock market course.

It is estimated that Kertcher has presented his introductory educational seminars to more than 100,000 people globally and that more than 10,000 people have enlisted in multi-day training programs offered by Trading Pursuits.

With the global economy experiencing peaks and dips, investors are always looking the best investment for their hard-earned dollars but might not know enough about the Aussie stock market and the best place to put their money. The Daniel Kertcher stock market course covers a variety of topics meant to give investors confidence in investing.

“Many people do not invest in stocks for fear of losing money. Fears about volatility should not put off potential investors,” according to the Trading Pursuits website. “Volatility is the key to how money can be made consistently from the markets. Markets have always risen and fallen. Successful investors are not afraid of the market. They learn to understand it and how to work with it.” The Daniel Kertcher stock market course is structured into varying levels of the flagship TradeAbility Income course, beginning by concentrating on one strategy. Entrants can also move on to the intermediate TradeAbility Income Plus and, finally a master class. The program also offers ongoing email and webinar support as students progress through the program.

“No one explains trading in financial markets better than Trading Pursuits, in a way that is easy to understand and simple to implement,” says the company marketing material. “We don’t use confusing jargon, we break it down into concepts that everyone can grasp. Trading Pursuits prides and measures itself on the quality of its education.”

And there’s no better person to learn from. With an extensive background in real estate, property sales, marketing, development and management, Kertcher has been steeped in business throughout his career. But it was meeting American motivational coach Tony Robbins in 2000, and taking one of his courses that set Kertcher on the road to teaching others how to be successful in business.

He was invited by Robbins to teach options trading for a Wealth Mastery course and by 2003 he had received his high-level ASX and industry accreditation as an accredited futures advisor. The following year, he was invited to conduct options training seminars for brokers at the Jakarta Stock Exchange as well as public courses at the Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges.

In 2009, Trading Pursuits was granted its Australian Financial Services License, which Kertcher received along with former Reserve Bank of Australia Economist and Macquarie Bank Economic and Financial Market Analyst Julie Cairns, who joined Kertcher’s team in 2002, ascending to managing director.

Kertcher remains CEO of the company and continues to conduct seminars. He is an author, radio commentator and newspaper columnist as well as inventor of the board game Call Up, Put Down.

But the best way to absorb his message is by attending one of his seminars yourself, which you can do for free. Go to Daniel Kertcher Live and find out how to get free tickets to an educational seminar that could teach you how to invest smartly and securely to change you financial life forever.

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