David Gonski AC – Can He Truly Teach Us About Success?

David Gonski AC is a brilliant lawyer, having graduated from university with an LLB. But lawyers have a reputation of always representing only one version of the facts, completely ignoring the other. So why should an audience listening to Gonski speak believe anything he says? Can he be trusted to speak the truth?

Should Anyone Trust Gonski?

David Gonski AC rose rapidly to claim the honor of becoming the youngest ever partner – at age 25 – of the law firm where he worked for 10 years following his graduation. But does the fact that he has a brilliant mind for the law automatically discredit all of his other achievements? Some would say that he can teach ordinary folks a lot about being successful in life’s struggles:

  • David Gonski AC was born in South Africa and migrated to Australia with his family when he was just seven
  • He practiced law at a private law firm as well as taught Intellectual Property law at the University of New South Wales
  • He co-founded a rather successful investment bank
  • He was appointed to the Order of Australia as an Officer in 2002, received the Centenary Medal in 2003, and was appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2007
  • He has been Chair of both the Australia Council and the National Institute of Dramatic Art as well as President of the Board of Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales

With all of those achievements under his belt, anyone listening to David Gonski AC speak should have no difficulty trusting everything that he says. Hidden in his thoughts and comments are precious gems that anyone, especially ordinary citizens, can use as roadmaps to a successful life.

Can Being Invisible Foster Success?

Like most ordinary Australians, Gonski tries to lead as ordinary a life as his lifestyle and responsibilities allow him. A close friend once described him as being “…a quiet man, in some ways invisible, and cleaves to the shadows…”. Clearly being successful and being invisible do mix, as Gonski has amply proved.

He is definitely a role model to aspire to, and audiences attending his talks can learn a lot from him!

Being Financially Successful

The life of David Gonski AC is filled with demonstrations of extraordinary accomplishments. Anyone wanting to learn about how to become successful in life should emulate Gonski’s life. But part of life’s success also depends upon being financially successful. So how does one achieve that?

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