David Lloyd – Can He Be Trusted When It Comes To Educating Our Youth? Learn More PLUS Win FREE Gifts!

When Prof. David Lloyd speaks at forums such as the Committee of Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), he makes a point of stressing the important pay-offs in productivity and efficiency that investing in education can bring. But with Central and State governments struggling to fund other initiatives, can Lloyd’s vision of future education really be trusted?

Reasons For Skepticism

Skeptics attending a David Lloyd speaking event might wonder whether the funding models proposed are sustainable. The model stresses that the future of higher education in Australia may well depend upon fostering and encouraging an influx of international students enrolling into universities in Australia. And that’s the point Lloyd and his colleagues are trying to underscore:

  • International students can bring in much needed revenue into a State government’s coffers
  • With an increased registration of international students into local universities will also come an increase in local employment – not just for Professors and Teaching Assistants, but also administrative and other support staff
  • The increased revenue thus generated can then be re-invested into funding and strengthening Australian educational institutions

Given the current global economic crises, this model is a great way for Australian educational institutions to self-fund and sustain themselves. And skeptics aren’t seeing that vision clearly yet.

Why Trust Him At All?

If the audience is to believe a speaker and put faith in his or her words, then they should know what makes the speaker a trustworthy person. They need to understand why they should believe what he or she has to say about the topic being discussed:

  • David Lloyd is Vice-Chancellor and President of the prestigious University of South Australia
  • He has also served as Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation of the renowned Trinity College, Dublin
  • David Lloyd is a career academic and thinker. His past positions also include Chairman of the Irish Research Council as well Senior Scientist at De Novo Pharmaceuticals

When someone with respectable credentials such as those possessed by David Lloyd speaks to an audience, it behooves listeners to take their words to heart. Education is the cornerstone of any society’s ultimate triumph in the modern world. And if we can’t trust our educators, scientists and strategic thinkers to help chart us a sound education policy, then we are doomed to fail!

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