David Paterson – Is It Worth Attending His Speaking Events? Find Out And You Would Get FREE Gifts!

David Paterson is a well known speaker on talk circuits organized by organizations like Mines and Money and Swann Global.  And he often talks about his experiences in countries like Mongolia and projects like Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi mining project. The messages are always of encouragement and optimism.

But are they really so positive in real life? Looking at the huge issues Rio Tinto continues to have with Oyu Tolgoi, and continued tension with the Mongolian government, skeptics might wonder whether David Paterson can be trusted in his assessment. Find out what the truth is!

A Trust Issue With Paterson’s Assessment

When someone like Paterson, who spent a lot of time in Mongolia working on the $6B project on behalf of his employer Rio Tinto, advocates continued investment in similar projects, one begins to question his credibility. But before discrediting his thoughts outright, consider the following:

  • David Paterson has worked in the mining and related industries for over 25 years
  • In that time he has had extensive international experience in over 30 countries
  • Paterson has completed assignments as an expatriate in both the U.K and Mongolia
  • He is a member in good standing at the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Critics in the audience at a Paterson speaking event may be justified in pointing out that funding and financing projects in countries (like Mongolia) that are governed like pseudo-dictatorships is ill advised. However, it is precisely such regions of the world that truly need to be developed and brought out of the vicious cycle of poverty and totalitarian rule. And Paterson’s model of bringing change through investment projects is the ideal solution.

Why Attend A Paterson Speaking Event

The insights about planning and executing tough projects in even tougher regions of the world which David Paterson shares with his audience are invaluable. Bankers, mining executives, financiers and others connected with mining and other extractive industries would do well to attend a Paterson talk and learn from Rio Tinto’s experiences.

If project sponsors wish to learn from other project manager’s, then they’ll get that opportunity in spades as Paterson speaks.

The Keys To Creating Wealth

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