David Shaw And George Bougias On Property Tax Information Evenings

Have you been in the property niche yet not going the desired net asset that you want to achieve? Well then, learning how to structure your property portfolio, helping you grow your net assets is easy when you join the Property Tax Information Evening Events with David Shaw and George Bougias. What awaits you in this night of property information gathering?

Meet The Speakers

Get the expert’s advice that would help you in different areas when it comes to your property and investment. Learn from David Shaw, the CEO of WSC Group. He would be presenting different tools and concepts that will assist every property investor on how they get most out of their investment property portfolios.

The WCS Group focused on delivering remarkable output to their clients across Australia. He has 25 years of experience in the property market as well extensive knowledge in industry, commerce and accounting. He specializes in establishing financial systems and management controls. He offers his clients strategic planning and growth assistance.

He also developed property expertise from property investor in property development, both new properties and second-hand properties. He helps his clients no matter who they are in their business, wealth building techniques, taxation, accounting and a lot more.

Other guest speakers will be George Bougias, the Research and Director of M3 Property. He is responsible for the research and property consulting in Victoria. He has 15 years of experience in research, economics, and property market across Australia.

He was able to develop a broad range of research and advisory skills that he gained through different experiences in public and private sectors which includes the property market analysis, project analysis and economics. He also worked in different property asset classed and gained knowledge of residential and commercial property markets. His work is focused on understanding the current and emerging trends in property.

Take note of the event date and place:

Date: 6PM, 27 March, 2 April and 8 April

Location: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Aside from learning different insights from these two incredible property experts, you will get tons of information and advices that could help you with your property investment and how to earn big bucks in return.

But wait! The evening event is not for everyone. Seats are strictly limited. If you want to achieve success in your property portfolio and investments, reserve your place now!

Contact the WSC Group on p: 1300 365 125 or e:info@wscgroup.com.au and they will be happy to accommodate you anytime!

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