David Staughton – Is It Worth Attending His Events? Read On To Find Out!

Inspirational speakers like David Staughton seem to draw throngs of attendees whenever they are up on the podium. They are riveting, they bring humor to their talks, they conduct themselves energetically, they are full of passion, and they manage to keep their audience spell bound right up to the last sentence. But as is often the case with such speakers, they have their fair share of disbelievers.

Staughton’s specialty is sales, and many critics believe that what he does is tantamount to motivating people to sell refrigerators to Eskimos!

  • A David Staughton event helps motivate sales people to sell even though the items are out of favor
  • His talks inspire sales forces to sell slow-moving items
  • He can get marketers to push less-popular items and services off the shelves

Is such an event really worth attending? Is it even considered moral? In order to find out whether Staughton, or “Big Dave” as he is affectionately known on the talk circuits, is real or a fake, let’s dig a little deeper into the man’s past.

Uncovering The Hidden Secrets!

Since David Staughton was 6 years old and working in the family’s hardware shop he has had a burning passion for business. This self-made millionaire has worked hard since then and has learned everything he speaks about today through firsthand experience.  All of the secrets and  the tips and techniques that he teaches are what worked for him in real life!

There’s really no secret to successful selling. It takes teamwork and dedication. And while he engages his audience with wit and humor, David Staughton also teaches them how to get the most from existing clients and prospective customers through improved teamwork.  And in today’s cross-generational workforce, Big Dave’s innovative sales techniques for teams that employ both Gen X & Y Staff are even more relevant.

And what makes David Straughton even more pertinent to today’s dynamic business world is his breath of experience. In over 20 years he has accumulated in-field understanding and knowledge of industries such as Franchise, Mining, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, Tourism, Marketing and Consulting. He has now adapted that knowledge into his workshops and lectures so that everything he espouses is applicable to real-world situations.

Making The Most Of What You Have

Dave Staughton specializes in improving the sales of off-peak, off-season, less-popular and slow-moving products and services.  By helping companies and individual sales people mastering this “long-tail” selling technique, Staughton is able to power charge a sales forces’ productivity and make the most of their sales efforts. But what if you wanted to power charge your personal wealth creation efforts? Is there some way to do that?

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