Is There A Difference Between Article Writing And Blogging?

Is There A Difference Between Article Writing And Blogging?


Essentially the terminology these days is getting very squishy. Some people call blog posts articles and others call articles blog posts. Generally, a common name is content – although content can mean anything such as emails, even pdf documents, videos, pictures, gifs, any files or whatever you want to think about.


Traditionally article writing was primarily about writing articles and submitting them to article directories so that the writer could get exposure in his niche or market. Also, they’d have an author biography line which had a link back to their website and they’d generate some organic traffic.


Actually, this was also beneficial for SEO, but nowadays it’s not because essentially it was abused.


Also, in the older days, a blog was really like an online personal journal or a place to recount. WordPress is/was actually a blogging platform. But then so many people started to use it and modify it, it became more of a Content Management System.


Almost all “websites” on the planet (something like 86%) are actually WordPress blogs, but they aren’t setup in the way a traditional blog was. They look like “normal websites” and most people don’t know and don’t care.


Really, you’re free to call it whatever you want. I just call them articles because I was an article marketer for so many years (doing all the SEO stuff that was abusing the system to make easy money).


The definition of an article is a piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.


The definition of a blog post is an article posted on a blog.




Maybe you meant something else…


Because “article writing” is commonly known as a sort of profession. I.e. you write an articles and someone pays you to do that. There are many sites online where you can do this, and be a writer to freelance and earn money.


Blogging on the other hand is having your own blog, and writing the articles and posting them on it. You aren’t paid for this, but over time if your blog gets traffic and you can monetize that you can earn money. Some bloggers earn plenty of money.


Do you understand the difference now?


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