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I once read a quote that says, “the first wealth is health…” Well, I must agree with this quote, though I already know that it’s already a cliche.

You can name different possessions that a person can have. Cars, million bucks, mansion, jewelries and what more? You must agree with me if I will say that these are the things that you are looking for a rich person. You’re not wrong. These are just a few of the possessions that rich people have, but as what a cliche quote said, “The first wealth is health…”

What did this quote really means?

Like what I’ve said above, this quote has been already a cliche. It can have an infinite interpretations, but with all of that, there is none that stand out as the right, general meaning of it.

Health is wealth…” can be interpreted as being in a good, healthy condition. Being free from pain, diseases and or illnesses can already be called richness. In short, to have a healthy life is worth than any material stuffs or possessions that you may have in your life.

Just like the experiences and knowledge you had, your health is also a priceless possession that you can have, and that money can’t buy it. Being healthy can be a wise tool to gain wealth. If you are physically and mentally healthy, you are able to work and earn money in the way that you can.

Let say that you’re a rich man, possessing million dollars and such material stuffs, but you are suffering with the deadly disease on this earth. Your richness will be a big nonsense, and in fact, it doesn’t already give value in your life. They can’t cure you whatever happen.



As for me, I would rather choose to have an empty pocket, but at least I’m well, than to possess the richness of this world and living with an unhealthy life.

A few years way back then, when I’m a teenager, I’m living my life with pleasure. I’m telling you, I didn’t spend my cash wisely. I go out with my friends, wasting my money and living my life in an unhealthy way. But since the day that I realize that I should be responsible, not only to handle things I had, but to also take care of myself (including my health), I decided to manage my life in the best, healthy way that I can. I then spend my savings buying vitamins and healthy foods, rather than going out with my friends and hang out in clubs every weekend. I then also like spending my time in healthy activities and in that way, I change little by little.

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