Can I Be Disqualified From Word Press?

Can I Be Disqualified From Word Press?


The question is a bit ambiguous, considering that there is the online blogging platform and company and then there is the open-source software which is provided by


If you are blogging on, yes you can get disqualified if you contravene their terms and conditions. essentially provides software which you run on your own servers, so they have nothing to do you with you and you can’t really be disqualified because in essence no relationship exists.


It’s an important point, because if you build a large blog on and then for whatever reason they decide they want to turn you off they simply will. There are plenty of horror stories of people earning their fulltime incomes from blogging on and losing it overnight.


This is why in the Internet Domination Course we specifically setup our own servers and run all the business through our own gear that we own. And then we back it up too! This type of business security is essential – I couldn’t imagine how stressful it would be if my whole business, income and life was at the mercy of a random company.


Reasons Why WordPress Shut Down Website


It could actually be anything. As I have said, they can just shut down your site just because. You know? It could be because of your codes or those things. It could be because you have bad codes, bad programming.

It could also be about your contents. If your contents are not appropriate and about scamming, if your website content is about porn or whatever that is banned or prohibited, you could get shut down.

If your site contents or files contains virus, malwares and the likes, you can reaaallly get shut down almost instantly. So really, you need a strong website, a well-created website for you not to be shut down by any platform especially wordpress.

So what do you need to do? You need to get your site really secured and safe. Audience, search engines and wordrpress hates viruses and malwares. They hate bad contents. They hate useless websites. They hate inappropriateness. They LOVE the exact opposite of what I have just set.

Lastly but most importantly, you need to back up your website in any case that they might just shut you down. Avoid the inevitability. Always be ready about anything. Always be prepared. You don’t want your online business to just disappear, right? So back up your entire site regularly so you can get back up anytime they try to shut your website down.

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